4 Things I Didn’t Like in 13 Reasons Why

Spoilers Below!

Last Wednesday I made a post, “4 Reasons Why I Love the Show, 13 Reasons Why,” and now I’m back for round 2: the things I didn’t like about the show.

Don’t get me wrong though!  I love the show and highly recommend it to everyone; however, even the best art has its flaws.  Let’s take a look at this one’s.

13 Reasons Why


1. Everyone’s out to get Clay. I hate that the entire show partly revolves around the 9 previous tape stars from trying to stop Clay from… exactly what?  From broadcasting their secrets?  They huddle in their powwows like a bunch of conspiracy theorists, eyeballing Clay as if he is the Illuminati.  And no one notices this?!  No one in the entire school picks up on the fact that these people, some of whom were never friends to begin with, gather to talk in hushed voices every day?  No one interrupts them, no one questions what their doing, none of their friends think to ask why they’re all acting so strangely.  This irks me a lot.  Because the show should revolve around Hannah and what led to her suicide and instead they made half the show about these kids trying to stop Clay from doing something he hasn’t even suggested doing.  

I get it.  They needed filler and drama to keep the show interesting.  But couldn’t they have at least toned down the conspiracy theorists’ drama?  For crying out loud, the book doesn’t even talk about what the present day characters are up to.  No one tries to take down Clay; everyone ignores the other tape stars and passes them along like normal people.

2. Clay takes forever to listen to the tapes.  In the book, he listened to them in one night.  In the show, he takes several weeks.  I understand why they did this as well–to make the episodes flow together fluidly rather than chopping them up throughout one night of listening to them.  But it seems like he listens for five minutes at a time in each episode and then complains that it’s too hard.  I understand it’s hard, but as the viewer I lost interest every time him and Tony bantered about how Clay doesn’t want to listen to the tapes.

13 Reasons Why


Just listen to the tapes dangit!  I have needs!

3. Clay’s parents bombarded him with accusations and assumptions every time he walked through the front door.   Granted, he deserved it towards the end of the season, but in the beginning, it got so annoying when his parents assumed he was depressed/anxious again and was constantly telling him that they’re there if he needs them.  I was feeling suffocated for Clay!  Sure, show it a few times, but I feel like the only reason the parents existed in the first few episodes was to pressure Clay into talking to them when he wasn’t ready.  

4. Clay wants to get revenge on everyone on the tapes.  What purpose does this serve?  What lesson does this teach?  They did terrible things, yes, but how does throwing a rock through Tyler’s window teach him a lesson?  In fact, Clay is essentially bullying Tyler which is exactly why Hannah committed suicide!  Lesson learned: Student commits suicide because of bullying = I must bully students who bullied him/her so they can commit suicide too.  It’s dumb.  It makes Clay seem out of control with his emotions and lacks impulse control.  The only person I can justify getting revenge on is Bryce for obvious reasons.  But everyone else, leave them be.  They’ll get to feel guilty for the rest of their lives.

What it comes down to is, I didn’t like how the show focused on things outside of Hannah.  The book revolved completely around these tapes and why she committed suicide because the point of the book was to raise awareness about teenage suicide.  The fluff the show adds is unnecessary in my opinion because it extracts from Hannah’s suicide.  As the viewer, we should be mourning her and should experience her reality and the moments that led to her death.  Yes, we do see that, and the show does a fantastic job at making us experience Hannah’s life, but the added drama of the lawsuit, the others’ attacking Clay, and Clay’s revenge on them takes away from what the show is advocating.

What are your thoughts?  Agree or disagree?  Let me know in the comments!

I’ll see you guys next Wednesday!  (And sometimes Sundays!)

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