Kimono Dresses + Metallic Lips

Sometimes I can get a bit obsessive. Like this Thursday, when I went all sorts of floral at work. Not only did I bring in a Spring-themed cake – decorated with love, I might add – but I brought in some of the fresh flowers that I had bought for my apartment.

And I was also a walking garden.

These pictures are about a year apart, so there are some differences in my outfit.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not afraid to pull out my flower crown. Florals are my thing and I love getting to pull together a fun outfit that shows off the spirit of spring.

The outfit above is simple and easy to throw together. And it all started because I wanted to use my “kimono” like an actual kimono – wrapped around and tied at the waist. As this is definitely not the same, I improvised.

The first piece is a simple slip with lace layers at the bottom. Then I take my kimono (if it’s light and breathable like the above, it’s perfect for summer because you won’t die from the heat) and wrap it around. I “tie” it together with a large belt, which imitates the large obi (sashes) that can be found on a traditional Japanese kimono.

But let’s not talk all day about the outfit. I want to discuss the gorgeous metallic lip trend and how I’m just absolutely fascinated by the bold look. Seriously, how fun are these?!


I just fell in love with matte lipsticks last year, so why you gotta do me like that, beauty world? And, of course, you shouldn’t be surprised where I grabbed mine from (Meagan and I do love our Smashbox!).


This shade is Moscow Mule – which is just fun enough without being dramatic. And I absolutely love it.

What fun ways are you throwing together your outfits this Spring? Are you into the metallic lip look or is it just not one of your faves? Share and comment below – we’d love to hear!


P.S. Here’s a look at that floral cake I mentioned up above. It was a confetti cake full of yummy deliciousness and it did not last the day.



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