Using Sheet Masks: A How To

The basic of most skin care routines are face masks. The one that has captured my heart

is the sheet mask. These can be found on websites such as Amazon or in stores like Wal-mart. I have yet to try the ones at Wal-mart, but I have used

Step 1 Cleanse and tone

Use your normal face cleanser and wash your face then pat dry with a towel. Once your face is squeaky clean and toned you’re ready to start.

Step 2 Pick your mask

20170406_153214There are all different types and brands of masks. Each mask addresses a different skin problem such as hydrating or nourishing. I have found that some brands are better then others. I really like Nature republic or Collagen brands. I chose the rose mask by Nature Republic (these masks can be found on


Step 3 Read your instructions

20170406_153325Just kidding. Unless you can read Korean. Then I’m sure you don’t need my instructions :). The pictures are not hard to interpret though: Wash, apply and pat. But we’ll get to that. No getting ahead!

Step 4 Open your pack and pull out your mask

Once opened you will find a soggy white square in some liquid. Just pinch the cloth and slide it out, don’t worry if your fingers get wet. Your fingers will love the awesomeness. Set your packet aside upward so the liquidy goodness stays inside. I stick mine between things to hold it up. Take a moment to look at the square so you can figure out how it is folded up. Then just grab a corner or piece and unfold.

Once unfolded you will be holding a weird looking soggy ghost face. Don’t worry it’s supposed to look like that.

Step 5 Apply

20170406_153532Starting at your hairline and matching up the eye holes with your eyes lay the mask on your face. It does not matter which side you apply just fold the nose piece to whichever side you don’t lay on your face (this can be done before or after application).

Once this is done just smooth the rest of the mask down with the chin and nose part in place. Most sheet masks are kind of big because they are one size fits all so if it’s baggy don’t worry.


Step 6 Leave it on

Leave the mask in place for 25 to 30 minutes. The mask will usually stay in place so long as you don’t shake your head or anything like that. Just chill and relax, you deserve a few minutes of me time.

Step 7 Take off and pat

Once your time is up just pull the mask off your face and kinda fold it back up. It doesn’t have to be pretty just make it smaller. Then place it back into the packet and fold the edge over to close. Then use something to hold it closed. I use a handy dandy clothes hanger because I can close it and leave it hanging by my mirror for later. Once done pat the essence into your face (some will take longer then others to absorb).

The next day just reopen your packet and rub the mask on your face and neck. Some masks can last for days if you keep them sealed good. I would not do this for more then a week though because it will get kind of dirty. But for a few days just take it out of the pack and wipe the essence on your face and then pat in.

Afterward just finish your normal skin routine.

Below are my before and after photos. I don’t know about any hydration but my skin felt baby soft and more supple. But like I said before, each mask does something different.

I encourage all of you to start your research right away and find which masks work best for you. I highly recommend Nature Republic or Collagen brands off Amazon but there are others out there. But now that you know how to use them take the plunge and make yourself a soggy ghost for 25 to 30 minutes. Your skin will thank you just as much as mind did.


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