The Best 10 Websites for Writers: Publishing, Communities, Grammar, and More!

As a writer, I can relate to the need for a little help.  There are tons of resources out there for us writers that aid with grammar, publishing, community, and our writing in general that it can be hard to wade through what’s useful and what’s not.  I’ve compiled a list of the best 10 websites (in my opinion) that are the most useful to us writers.

Grammar Help:

1.  Hemingway Editor
This site is great at helping us write concisely.  Simply paste your text in the box and it will highlight areas that need improvement such as too many adverbs, confusing sentence structure, passive voice, and more.  I highly recommend it for blog writers as we tend to write simpler posts for the general public.  I do not recommend its use for college essays; however, as those essays typically are meant to be more complicated and fleshed out which the hemingway editor will freak out and correct everything.  Believe me, I put in an English essay I made an A on for fun and it found something wrong with every sentence.

2. Grammar Girl
If you’re a grammar junkie in need of some grammar review or a writer whom grammar eludes, Grammar Girl offers you all of your grammar needs.  Engage yourself in the world of grammar and quit spreading common grammar mistakes!  I’m talking about things like “could of” when it’s actually “could’ve” a contraction for “could have.”

The Ultimate Prompt Generator:

3. Writing Exercises
This is my favorite website for generating ideas when you don’t know what to write about.  This site is more than just a prompt generator.  It can generate first sentences, characters, plots, dialogue, and so much more.  Never again can you say you don’t know what to write about.  And the best thing about them is they add new content regularly so that you don’t get the same prompts over and over again.  I personally wrote my first short story titled,A Stranger in the Diner,” by using the first line generator: “He hadn’t seen the old man since…”  Enticing isn’t it?

Get Published/Critiqued:

4. 1st 10 Pages
Last to make it on this list is 1st 10 Pages.  Do you have a novel or a screenplay that you want an honest critique on?  Submit it to 1st 10 Pages with a short description and its genre and someone will read your work and tell you what they think about it.  Best of all, submitting is free!

5. Poets & Writers
If you’re looking to get published for your shorter pieces (think short stories and poetry), Poets & Writers has a giant database full of literary magazines that you can sort to match to your style of writing.  If you’re looking to obtain an MFA in creative writing, they also have a database with every school in the world with a creative writing program.

Connect with the Writing Community:

6. Figment
Figment is great for writers looking for a community.  They offer contests, forums, and the ability to share your work with others.  

7. Wattpad
Like Figment, Wattpad also offers community, but it geared towards professional writing.  You can upload your stories and a cover for them as well as read stories from other members.  This site is great for showcasing your work!  With millions of members, Wattpad is one of the best sites to share your work and engage with others.

Meet Your Writing Goal

Every writer has heard of National Novel Writing Month and this site is specifically for helping writers meet the elusive goal of writing 50,000 words on your manuscript.  You can track your progress, receive pep talks, and communicate with other members.  For every milestone you reach, you receive a badge to commemorate your success.  Never again fail NaNoWriMo!

9. 750Words
This site is great for brain dumping.  As writers, it’s important that we exercise our writing muscle and write regularly lest we lose our competence as writers. 750 Words encourages us to write, you guessed it, 750 words a day and allows us to write freely without sharing our inner thoughts with anyone.  Best of all, you can password protect your writing to insure no one can view your most private thoughts.  You can earn badges for writing consecutively as a way to encourage your daily writing practice.  Now get to brain dumping!  

For the Poets:

10. Rhyme Zone
For my lovely, ignored poets out there (and songwriters), this site is so useful for when you’re having trouble finding unique rhymes for your poetry.  Simply type in the word you want rhymes for and Rhyme Zone will provide all the words that rhyme your original word.  It also provide slant rhymes if that’s your kind of thing.

As a bonus site (well actually sites), I have to add and because those two resources are invaluable to writers.

I hope this list aids you on your writing journey, I know these sites have helped me with mine.  If you have other great sites that aren’t on the list, please let me know what they are in the comments! I’ll see you guys next Wednesday!

(And sometimes Sundays!)

With love,


P.S. If you have a short story/poem in need of a critique, send it my way!  I love connecting with other writers and critiquing.  Want to know my critique style before sending your work to a stranger?  You can view my critiques on

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