Happy Spring – 2017 Top Trends of the Season

Bluebonnets have blossomed alongside all the highways in Texas. It is officially my favorite season. Time to say hello to the perfect temperatures, green foliage, blue skies, and fun, bright fashion.

Spring has arrived! I don’t know about you, but I’m ecstatic. Living in the South, I packed away all my “heavy” winter wear several weeks ago after realizing I could use the hangers for other clothes. But now, it’s official, and it’s time to bring on all the fun trends of the season. Below are some of my favorites.

In-Your-Face Pinks

Source: Vogue.com, Photo by Indigital.tv

I’m a sucker for a good pink outfit and this first trend is totally in the spirit of Spring. Bright, bubbly, and super bold. I don’t have much in my wardrobe other than my cute butterfly top to jump on the bandwagon, but I’ve found my matte lipstick Publicist by Smashbox is a perfect way to pop my outfit and add a bit of boldness to my look.

Bra Tops

Source: Right – InStyle.com, Photo by Estrop/Getty; Left – WWD.com, Photo by Giannoni/WWD/Rex/Shutterstock

While I’m not brave enough to even try to attempt this style, I have to admit that I just love the look! These girls look flawless and their outfits are just absolutely chic. I would not recommend it as an everyday wear – definitely not appropriate for work or school (unless it is in fashion)!

Pretty Florals

Source: Vogue.com, Photo by Indigital.tv

Not a surprise, but it’s always great to see all the beautiful and feminine florals of the season. And I don’t care if they’re in or out of style, I’ll probably pull out a few of my flower crowns pretty soon to start sporting around.

Sheer Chic

Source: Vogue.com, Photo by Indigital.tv

I have one sheer dress that I just absolutely adore, so you can bet I’m just stoked about wearing it this Spring. There’s something about sheer pieces that is just super chic and elegant. As you’ve probably all ascertained, I’m one for being super modest when it comes to clothing, so this is another trend that I won’t fully partake in unless I know that everything is covered (picture number two, I’m looking at you).

Statement Earrings

Source: Elle.com, Photo by Getty

I’m talking big, extravagant earrings that may at some point make you stare in shock. Choose some fun tassel earrings this spring or something bold to show everyone just how fab you are!

Happy Spring!



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