Brittany’s Food Adventures: HelloFresh

If you know me, I am NOT a cook. At all. My dinners usually consist of frozen dinners or quick to make meals (like pasta, egg sandwiches, etc.). Honestly, I’m usually so busy that I really don’t have the energy to make a real meal.

So when the sales guy at the mall stopped me to talk about Hello Fresh, I was kind of skeptical. But the intrigue of getting fresh food sent directly to my home – portioned for the exact recipe they sent along with the ingredients – beat out my concern that this wasn’t really for me. Also, the fact that there was a promotion going that got me $20 off the first box.

I got to pick between 5-6 recipes for the week of delivery. I chose a few that sounded interesting to me (and that fit within my picky guidelines of what I’ll actually put into my stomach).

Fast forward to day of delivery. The box ended up getting here one day¬†after I requested, which I was bummed about, but I was pretty psyched when I saw it on my doorstep. Opening up the box was really fun, because everything was nicely organized into different boxes based on the meal it was for. And everything was in a big silver bag, so it the food would maintain its temperature and stay fresh (it’s supposed to be good in the box for at least two days from what I was told).

Obviously, I decided to make one of the meals that night. After some deliberation, the choice was made: Lasagna-Baked Fusilli.

I was slightly terrified I was about to waste the money I’d just spent on the box with my terrible cooking skills. Especially since the last step was to broil the dish after I’d finished preparing it. The last time I broiled something, it was a terrible mistake.

Still, I was excited as I dived into cutting the produce (slightly concerned at how much onion there was, since I do NOT usually like onions in my food). Once I got started, everything was pretty simple – cooking pasta, then the meat with some seasoning, and finally adding that into the pan with some kale. My cooking skills were not in question anymore by the end – I had no problem with any part of the recipe. Even broiling went fine.

Mixing the beef, onions, oregano, and some chili flakes together. Forgot to add the garlic until right before broiling…
Cooked the kale until wilted and then added the meat back in with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.
Added everything together with the noodles to throw in the oven to broil

The meal itself was actually delicious. I was happily surprised by how much I liked it, even with the onions and tomatoes in it. The only downside was that the meal ended up being way bigger than I expected, so some of it did get wasted (it was a dinner for two, but I felt the portions were slightly too big for two people).

Final results!!!

I’d definitely make this meal again and I’m glad I decided to choose this as one of my meals. I’m excited to try the other recipes I got – they both look delicious. Unfortunately, I did cancel my subscription to the box because the prices are normally $60 for three meals (for two people). Personally, I’d rather go grab the food from the grocery store myself.

One cool thing that did come out of getting the app: there are a ton of recipes available to look at and try. You don’t have to order the meals to look at these. I will be checking them out and finding out which ones I’d like to try!

Have any of you tried out a food box before? Let us know, readers, because I’d love to hear what is out there!



And if you want the recipe to this delicious meal, here it is:


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