Product Review: Bed Head by TIGI

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We all know the pains of experimenting with different shampoos and conditioners, trying to find out which one is perfect for us. It’s like an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” but it takes MUCH longer to find something more than just satisfactory.

I’ve played around with different brands – Suave Professionals, Aveeno, Living proof… Living proof has been one of my faves. It works.

A new product has moved to my list of favorites, though – Bed Head by TIGI. It started with a simple Black Friday shopping trip (and, goodness, was that dangerous). I’d heard great things about the Bed Head brand before but had never really considered venturing into the “trying it out” stage. But mix a great sale with a well-known product and it was bound to find its way into my hands.

I bought the green bottles of shampoo and conditioner, called “Re-Engergize.” They are supposed to be good for normal hair that needs just a little bit of rejuvenation (though, in my case, it needed more than a little bit). They also help with boosting shine retention, so we can all look like hair commercial models.

Since starting to actually use the product earlier this year, I’ve been really happy with the results. My hair is happy and healthy. It definitely retains its shine, which I feel it hadn’t done so well before. My hair is often dry and so I get split ends pretty easily. I really haven’t seen one since my last trim (in December!).

I’d give this product a 10/10 rating, just because it’s done so well. Sometimes I’ll also toss a quarter-size of Living proof’s Perfect Hair Day night cap on. The combination is almost magical, because the next day my hair is always happy and alive.

Have you tried Bed Head by TIGI, dear readers? What have your thoughts been on them, if so? Feel free to share below – and if you haven’t tried this product, please let me know what your fave shampoo and conditioner is. I’d love to learn!



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