Punk Meets Chic: OOTD + LOTD

When you’re in need of taking a ride on the wild side, but still wanting to look your dainty, girly self, a motorcycle jacket paired with a flowery dress is the perfect combination to say you’re deadly, yet hot as hell.


I went clothes shopping today and accidentally came across this contrasting, yet successful combo as I tried to kill two birds with one stone in the dressing room. (I didn’t want to take off the dress so I layered the jacket just to see if it’d fit. And now I’m giving you an excuse to be lazy: it encourages unique concepts.)  

To accentuate the chic component, I layered a bold necklace on top of it and multiple rose gold rings.  To emphasize the punk aspect to this look, I threw on a choker and a some super dark, almost black lipstick.  

To complete the look, I would add some black high heels: the heels being elegant, the color being bold.  

As for my makeup, I slightly contoured my cheekbones. Because what kind of badass doesn’t have razor sharp cheekbones to match her sharp attitude… I mean look?  I used a silver eye shadow for my eyelids and a dark purple matte eye shadow around the outer corner of my eyes to produce a smoky eye effect. As always, I highlighted the inside corner of my eyes and my brow bone.  And of course I threw on a dark lipstick for dramatic effect. Because we all know I can’t resist sexy, dark lips.


Tell me what you think of this look and show me your OOTD’s!  I’ll see you Wednesday! (And sometimes Sundays!)


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