30 Day Food Challenge Pt.2

I started the 30 day food challenge at the beginning of February and with a few trip ups and smooth days I have decided to update. In case you didn’t read what the 30 day food challenge was, it is a month of cutting out unhealthy food like;┬ájunk food, white bread, and soda. I even had to kick caffeine, yes I hugged my coffee maker and broke up with it nicely.

First I would like to admit that yes, I did end up cheating some days and so had to add extra days to the end. In the beginning the cravings for the food you cut out try to drive you insane but if you replace those with healthy food it’s easier to get through. Some times a busy schedule is your down fall. Nearly every Friday I had to just go home and eat whatever was there, even if it was not healthy. I have found that making healthy choices easier to get to then unhealthy ones helps you stay on track. My third temptation was friends, yes those we love who support us but can still be little temptation whisperers. Whenever I went out to eat with friends or even just went for coffee it was hard to make healthier choices. Even just going to a friend’s house for dinner can be a den of temptation. Just stay strong!

Once you get through the initial days, and the cravings, you actually begin to crave healthier foods and it just becomes second nature. I have began eating salads nearly every day now and eating fruit for snacks instead of chips. I have decided to make this change a lifelong thing instead of simply 30 days. Though I am making up with my coffee mug again. Know what works for you. If you love salty things then reward yourself sometimes with a pretzel or something. Moderation and loving you are the keys.

Now, on to my results. Unfortunately I do not have before and after pictures for this post at the moment (I will post an after photo on our instagram page). But I have noticed differences. Friends and family have told me that they can tell I have lost weight and gained muscle. I can tell that my clothes fit better and that I feel lighter. I have more energy and less stomach problems. I have even noticed things such as sleeping better, my nails are growing better, and my face is breaking out less. Needless to say eating healthier has shown a lot of benefits that I was not expecting. I encourage you to comment and tell us your perks of eating healthier.


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