Product Review:RIRE




Raise your hand if you have ever looked in the mirror and been confronted with black dots somewhere on your face. Now keep your hand up if you’ve tried everything from charcoal cleansers to pore strips to get rid of them. I have a problem with blackheads on my nose and have tried just about everything to get rid of them. I used pore strips, which lets be honest kind of hurt when you pull them off, and they worked some. But I don’t want to use them frequently or risk having no skin on my nose, and the inbetween days allow the blackheads to build up again. I bought charcoal cleansers, charcoal face wash, even charcoal masks and they don’t seem to do much.

But then I was shopping online and found a brand called RiRe and bought it on a whim. First I bought the blackhead cleanser and the closing serum. It just looks like a small bottle with a pore scrubber on top. What it is, is a miracle in a bottle. You just press the button to release some of the cleaners that contains charcoal and other good stuff, onto the scrubber. Then you gently scrub your nose, or wherever you get blackheads (wet your face with warm water first). Then when you feel clean, a few minutes is probably more then enough, you just wash the cleaner off with warm water. Afterward the rest of your beauty routine you apply a small amount the of closing serum to the scrubbed area.

While the bottles look small, they kind of are, since you use it every few days and use small amounts it lasts a while. They have a larger version for your entire face but I only use the smaller one for my nose. The price is a little high for such small bottles but the results are worth it.

My nose looks so much clearer after I use this product. My nose is not completely clear but it has improved a lot. For a while my nose looked dirty even after I had cleaned it. But after using this product I have noticed less and less blackheads. The serum helps close not just my blackheads but all the pores on my nose. I even dab a little on my other pore problem areas and it helps there as well. If you have dry skin I recommend using a strong moisturizer after due to the fact that it will dry your skin out some. But it is not enough to truly irritate my skin.

I love this product so much I have bought the all kill blackhead stick from them. I have not received it yet but I am super excited to try it. It looks almost likeĀ a giant glue stick that you rub on your nose. I hope it works just as well as the other cleaners from this brand.


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