My Skin Care Routine

As I mentioned in my introduction post I am pretty new to the beauty world. For years I never really noticed or cared about different beauty products or what they mean for your skin. But then I had an epiphany and now I can’t get enough. After much research I have found a beauty routine that leaves my skin soft, smooth, and breakout free.

First everyday I wash my face with a foaming cleanser such as a charcoal cleanser or my African black soap.

I put the cleanser/soap on this little beauty here. It is called a face scrubber/massagers. It is a round plastic tool with rows of little nubs. I bought mine online but I have seen them in stores or packaged with some face cleaners. All you have to do is put your face wash on it and move it in a circular motion on your face to lather it up. Then just rinse your face and tool with warm water. It gets your face clean and leaves you feeling fresh and smooth and pretty. My older sister uses it to exfoliate her face and it helps her dry skin.

Every few days I use my Litfly nose pore brush. It is a face brush that is specially shaped to help clean your nose. I used to have blackheads on my nose but this brush and my routine has helped alot. Once your face is soaped up with the cleanser you just use the brush in small circles all over your nose, concentrating on your problem areas. Then you just run the brush under warm water to clean the soap off.


A few times a week I use my blackhead cleanser and closing serum by Rire. It’s so easy. You just press the button on the side and the charcol cleanser comes out onto the scrubber. Then you scrub your nose with it until it is lathered up. Then rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Afterwards you apply a little of the closing serum to your nose to help the pores close.


After washing my face I always apply my favorite moisturizer by Nature Repbulic. Every few nights I put coconut oil on my face and my hair. I leave it on over night and wash it out the next day. It’s an easy deep conditioner and bonus, it makes your hair smell tropical.


Two to three times a week I use a face mask. There are different types, each doing different things. I use a clay masque, an egg white mask, sheet masks, or a pinapple exfoliating mask. Some of these you just take a glob and spread it on your face. Then let it dry and wash it off with warm water. A sheet mask is a little bit different. You just open the package, pull out the mask sheet, and carefully press it onto your face. Let the sheet sit on your face for however long the package says, then pull off and pat in any left over liquid in the package.

20170216_204017When I am putting on my make up I apply a base of Super BB cream with uv protection. This helps my skin even more with skin loving ingredients and sun protection.

My skin has started thanking me for taking care of it. Please feel free to share your routine with us.



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