Keeping Your Sweet Tooth and Your Waistline Happy

With V day approaching (or Single Pringle day for those of us not in a relationship) I figured it was time to address the bane of all diets. A sweet tooth. Who doesn’t love a moist cake? Or a delicious cobbler? But no one loves the calories.

With a few simple switches you can cut your calories and make your deserts work for you!

1-Use vegetables

A lot of recipes call for things like oil and eggs to make them moist. To replace these fats, shredded or pureed vegetables are great. A whole list of vegetables work; sweet potatoes, zucchini, white beans, beets, or pumpkin. These vegetables also help keep your desert dense and decadent.

2-Use fruits

Some fruits can play the same role as vegetables. Pureed dates, prunes, bananas, or apples can help make your desert moist, and add fruit flavors. Even in their whole forms fruit adds a lot to your dish. Even just using them as garnishes is great. A great fruit dessert is chocolate dipped berries.

3-Use nuts

Nuts are a great health food and taste great with desserts. They boost the health benefits of your dessert.Walnuts in brownies, or peanuts in cookies work for you and your taste buds.

4-Use Coconut

Coconut in any form is a great desert substitute. Coconut oil works like vegetable oil, has less calories, and adds a great taste. Coconut pieces add crunch and that unique taste. Coconut milk can add moisture to your dessert much like vegetables.

5-Use low fat options

When making desserts pay attention to what you can switch out for low fat. Milk, sour cream, cream cheese, and the like have fat free options. Low fat milk can even be used to replace melted butter. A low fat option for chocolate is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has more of a bitter taste but if you love it as much as me it will give you heart benefits and fewer calories.

6-Use egg whites

There are egg substitutes but you can also separate your eggs yourself. A large portion of the calories in eggs are in the yolk. To separate eggs crack your egg but keep the egg in the shell. Catch the yolk in the shell as you kind of pour it back and forth between the two halves of the shell. Once the yolk and the white has been separated keep the yolk, it can be used in other dishes.

7-Use tofu

Tofu is almost like a white sponge that soaks up flavors and yummy goodness. It can lend that superpower to your dessert. Just puree either soft or silken tofu and add it to your dessert as a fat replacement.

8-Use yogurt/greek yogurt

Both types of yogurt are great replacements in desserts and add benefits. These yogurt can be used like tofu, to replace some of the fats in your dessert.

9-Replace your sugar

There are many sugar replacements that are better for you, just be careful on your measurements. Some replacements require more of the ingredient while others require less then the needed sugar. These replacements include, but are not limited to; honey, brown sugar, and agave nectar.

10-Add some fiber or flax

Mix in some fiber or use wheat flour at the base of your desert. Flax seed can be mixed in at any time throughout the baking process. Just be careful how much you add or it could become grainy.

Wishing you a happy Valentines Day or Single Pringle Day and a shrinking waist line!


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