Valentine’s Day for One, Please

Being single is not a bad thing, but sometimes it can feel a bit lonely on Valentine’s Day when you see all these beautiful couples out on dates and enjoying themselves. However, you can enjoy yourself just as much! Here are a few things to do on Valentine’s Day if you are single:

  1. Treat. Yo. Self. You are Queen (or King) and you can treat yourself as such! Buy yourself some fresh flowers from the store and put them on display in your living room. Find the biggest box of chocolates. End it with a spa day – face masks, a bubble bath with your favorite scent, and a mani-pedi.
  2. Netflix Binge. What other way to celebrate the day of love than watching your favorite movie or show with your celebrity crush? Settle down on the couch with your favorite snack and some wine. I don’t know about you, but marathoning Gossip Girl for Valentine’s Day is always a good decision. Chair forever, am I right?
  3. Have a Fancy Dinner. You don’t have to be with someone to have a fancy dinner. Make reservations for yourself to go out and enjoy some yummy food downtown or make something at home by yourself. Take the philosophy of Treat Yo Self and buy some filet mignon or a big steak dinner. Finish it off with some delicious cheesecake or other dessert of your choice.
  4. Make Your Valentine A Friend. Being single doesn’t mean you are alone! Enjoy the day with your friends and go on a date of your own. In college, my friends and I would buy each other cheesy gifts and then go to a fun restaurant for dinner. It was all about having fun with each other and enjoying the friendship that we had.
  5. Enjoy Your Favorite Hobbies. Like exercising? Writing? Trying to learn a new song on the violin? Spend the evening focusing on your hobby and getting to your goals. In fact, maybe I’ll spend a part of that evening writing a scene that helps bring the love interests in my story closer together.
  6. Throw a Fun Valentine’s Day Party. Invite your friends (both single and in a relationship) over for a night of fun. Not only would it be a blast decorating your home in hearts and cute valentine’s day decor, but you can have a ton of themed snacks to show off. Heart cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, red velvet sandwich cookies, cupid’s arrows, and more. See some fun snack ideas here.
  7. Go to a Speed Dating Event. Google Single Valentine’s Day events in your town and see what is happening. Chances are, there might be some sort of speed dating event happening night of that might be fun to go to. Its a way to spend time with others and potentially meet that future someone that makes your heart just pitter-patter.

So, dear readers, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do any of the options on this list make up a part of your plan? Whatever you end up doing, just know that loving yourself is important and there’s nothing wrong with being single for the big day. Most importantly, just enjoy yourself and have a very fun night!



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