Oodles and Oodles of Voodles

With everyone cutting carbs or going gluten free I figured it was time to explore the idea of voodles. What are voodles you ask? Well they are noodles made of your favorite veggies. Yes vegetable noodles. Pasta that loves you back.

These may seem scary to make but it is surprisingly easy. Even I was kind of timid exploring this new trend. But let me be the first to say it is nothing but yummy! Here is a step by step guide on how to jump on this very tasty bandwagon.

1-purchase yourself a spiral slicer


This is a slicer that creates thin ribbons or spirals out of what you are cutting. I bought my slicer from Aldis but you can find them in a lot of places. If you don’t want to buy a spiral slicer a mandolin works just as well.

Step 2-grab your vegetables!

I used zucchini and summer squash but you can use your favorite veggies. Anything from zucchini to carrots. So long as it fits into your slicer and and cuts.

20170123_184723Step3-If your slicer comes with a holding attacthment this will make your life easier. Just stick it onto the end of your vegetables. This will make it easier to hold it when it gets down to a tiny bit.

Step 4-Stick your vegtable into the end of your spiral slicer and twist it to create ribbons. These will come out by the blade. Don’t worry if they break or some are longer or shorter then others. If you are using a mandolin just run the vegetable back and forth over the blade.


Step 5-If you end up with small peices of your vegetable that wont go through your slicer then just cut them into thin strips.

After you have made your noodles season them as you want and cook them until tender. These voodles can replace the noodles in all of your favorite dishes.

Saying Get Cooking! Alyssa

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