Product Review: African Black Soap


Well hello there, I hope you’re having a good skin day. If not I may have a new treasure for you. I have a very oily face, which gets worse around a certain time of the month. This means that I have to wash my face everyday, sometimes multiple times. I also have very large pores that are the bane of my existence most days. Well long story short one day I ventured to the cosmetics counter at my local Wal-Greens and met an angel who recommended African Black Soap.

It comes in bars and liquid form, there is even a face scrub. I use the bar because it is cheap, easy to find, and easy to use. I have bought bars of this soap from Wal-Greens and Wall-Mart but you can even find it on Amazon. Just type African Black Soap by Shea Moisture into Google. I have used other products by this brand and I highly recommend anything by them. The bar is very big too so you can use it for a while. The bar I buy is about the size of four decks of cards stacked up. Even for this large size this soap is relatively on the cheap side, about six dollars depending on where you shop.

To use the soap all you have to do is unwrap it from the plastic and use it like a bar of soap. I use mine mostly on my face but you can use it all over your body if you want. Just lather it up with water, get a fairly good amount coating your hands, then apply wherever. Be forewarned that you will feel a residue right after you wash it off. This goes away very quickly. I love this soap because it does not dry my face out by it helps cut the oil.

On the main reason I bought it, to minimize my pores, it actually did. Some. I would love to say that my pore problems are a thing of the past. But I still have noticeable pores. But this soap did shrink them some, enough that I could tell a difference. So it wins in my book and will remain a part of my daily shower routine. I hope this treasure finds it’s way into your daily routine as well.

A small note to keep in mind though. Since this soap does not exfoliate I use an apricot scrub once a week to get rid of the dead skin on my face.

Wishing you many happy skin days to come, Alyssa.

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