So What You Have Small Breasts? 3 Tips For Dressing Your Perky Self.

So you have small breasts, but that doesn’t mean clothes shopping should be a drag or a hit to your self esteem.  Yes it’s easy to feel embarrassed or unimpressed when you look in the mirror at all the clothes that just won’t fit because your perky, little twins can’t fill the tops out.  However, there are plenty of clothes out there for all of us A and AA cuppers that will make us feel confident in our small frames.

  1.  Look for tops/dresses that have a high neckline.

The high neckline is a big clue that indicates the outfit will form well to your chest instead of sagging.  Ignore low-necklined clothing as most of them will need a bigger bust to fill out; unless, of course, you’re willing to pay extra to have it altered (which is honestly sometimes worth it).

  1.  Look for tops/dresses that have a waistband.

Tight waistbands will be nice and snug under your bust, giving you a better chance of avoiding that sad, sagging up top.  If an outfit has a waistband and a high neckline, the outfit was definitely made for us smaller chested girls!

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  1.  Shop in the Juniors section.

Yes, yes, I know, if you are older it may feel weird buying from the Junior’s section.  I’m 23 and have come to the crippling realization that the number in the store Forever 21 is lesser than my age.  I remember the good old days when I was under the drinking age, shopping at those Junior’s department stores wishing I actually was 21 in the illusion that I’d be wiser, womanlier, and could legally drink.  Now I wander those stores in my same 14-year-old body with the wise understanding that drinking to get drunk really isn’t that fun.  

Oh would you look at that.

I’ve gotten sidetracked.

In all seriousness, the junior’s section is your best bet because we all know teenagers are not as “filled out” as adults are, so their clothes will be made to fit smaller frames.  Most of my clothes comes from junior department stores, although I occasionally get lucky in the women’s petite’s section.

All in all, it doesn’t hurt to try things on.  And sometimes it’s worth it to shell out the extra cash to get that super fun top altered.  Just remember, you’re not alone out there, although I know it sometimes feels like you are.  You are beautiful inside and out even if you haven’t realized it yet.

See you next Wednesday!


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