Glam Looks for the New Years Party Season

We’ve just passed Christmas (unfortunately) and it’s time to dust off the dirt of 2016 in order to prepare for the New Year. I’m sure we can all agree this year was a little too crazy, but we can all dream of a better tomorrow, right?

Before finalizing our resolutions for 2017, it’s time to pick the perfect New Year’s party outfit – hopefully with a little sparkle. I’ve chosen some of my fave outfits that can help with showing off your shine.

Forever21 Sequined Overlay Cami Dress


Don’t only does it perfectly show off the simple cami dress look, but this dress has an adorable overlay that gives just a little bit of sparkle. This look is simple enough but can be matched with a variety of accessories to make it pop!

Short Sequined Dress


Another gorgeous look – this makes the little black dress into a rock and roll outfit. The sleeves on this H&M dress are just gorgeous. Perhaps doesn’t offer much protection against the cold, but the sparkle in this dress is so worth it that I’m sure you won’t mind.

Silver Scalloped Sequined Bodycon Dress

 Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 10.28.55 PM.png

Now this dress one of my favorites – I love the dip in the back of the dress and the scalloped pattern is just absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention – it’s currently on sale.

Cut-Out Sequin Shift Dress

 Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 10.38.21 PM.png

I don’t have the bravery to wear this dress myself, but it absolutely dazzles me. Nothing shouts that you’re ready to take on the New Year more than the plunging neckline and sparkling gold sequins that layer this dress.

Lace Body-Con Dress

And if you want to throw a little color into your outfit but still look super chic, take a look at this body-con dress from Nordstrom. The lace back just absolutely gives me heart eyes.

In the midst of holiday food comas and deciding what your New Year’s resolutions are, what are you planning to wear to your last party of the year? Any favorite looks from this holiday season? Feel free to share and comment below!


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