Six Winter Essentials in the South

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Texas only seems to freeze once a year, but we still get to see some cooler weather come the holidays. While it can be a bit of a problem trying to decide what temperature we’ll see tomorrow, it’s good to keep a few winter essentials in your closet that you can wear when it gets a bit too chilly outside for us warm-blooded Southerners.


There is not a single dress that will be ruined by throwing on some tights/leggings (and if by some chance you have one of these dresses, perhaps it’s best not to wear it this season and wait until spring has blossomed). Layering is one of my favorite things about the winter – time to wear as much as I can and know I’m not going to sweat to death by the end of the day. I really like getting to wear leggings with my dresses, because I feel that it can add to the overall look of the outfit.

Scarves (Fuzzy or Blanket)


Not only are they chic and fashionable, but these winter accessories are a great way to fend off the frost. My fave ones to wear, of course, are the furry fuzzies (only faux, duh!). Not only are they extremely warm and comfortable to wear, but you get to pet the softest piece of fabric all day.

And if you aren’t a fan of the fuzzy, blanket scarves are the next best thing. There are so many ways to fold it (and if you don’t trust me, trust Busbee). Bam – multiple ways to accessorize in one go!

The Peacoat

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I spent years without a peacoat of my own – what a mistake. The peacoat is a classic. If you have one, you’ll be rocking it for seasons to come. You simply can’t go wrong with it! Get a neutral tone and you can match it with many outfits. Or, grab one in a color that pops (like my red one!) and make it into a daring statement piece.

Cozy Sweater

Let’s not just use this for bundling up by the fire, with our book of choice on our laps and a cup of hot chocolate sitting less than an arm length away. Choose the right sweater and it can go great with either a comfy pair of jeans or a cute skirt (and some of those legging mentioned earlier for some great layering!).

Wide-Rimmed Hat

I’ve always been a fan of hats (remind me to tell you about my literal BOX of hats in my closet), so I jumped on the bandwagon when it became the season to pull these out again. A wide-rimmed hat is a great statement piece and can instantly pull together a chic look.



One cannot go a winter without boot or booties. I’ve yet to grab a pair of ankle boots (a sin, I know), but I swear I’ve barely gone a day without throwing on a pair of my go-to boots. These are a MUST for the season. My faves (and probably some of the trendiest), are the knee-high boots. I unfortunately don’t have any of these, either, but I really love the look that they give an outfit.

There you go – your essentials this winter! What are your faves, lovelies?

Until next time!

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