This is Me


Hello all, my name is Alyssa.  I’m 24 years old with a more than slight coffee addiction.  By day I’m a criminal justice and psychology student.  By night I’m a novelist and illustrator.

I can almost always be found with my nose stuck in a book or a pen in my hand with my headphones in.  When I’m not there I’m usually found in the kitchen with a pot and spoon.  My motto in life is there’s creativity in everything.

I absolutely love learning new things and try not to let fear stand in my way.  The one thing I’ll never get over is my arachnophobia; spiders give me the heebee geebees.  Space is one of my loves and I dreamed of being the first scientist to live in space. Then I wanted to be an epidemiologist, now a behavioral analyst.  Through all of my bloopers and blunders I’ve learned a lot to share.  I am a fledgling fashionista and make up artist so I’ll be learning right along with you all.

Sincerely, a home cook, a bookworm, a creative junky, a nerd, and a budding girly girl.

Or simply Alyssa.

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