Hi, My Name is Brittany


Writing an introductory post feels a bit like coming up with a bio for an online dating profile. Hi, my name is Brittany and I like blah, blah, blah.

Except this requires a bit more depth and I don’t think I can fit all you need to know about me within the confines of this post.

What can I tell you about myself?

I am a sucker for inspirational quotes and stories. I’m obsessed with giraffes. And I mean obsessed. I love music and can’t work (effectively) without it on.

I have a strong passion for fashion and beauty. My closet can probably tell you that more than I can. It’s overflowing and that’s no exaggeration. I love mixing together different pieces and accessories to see just how many outfits can be put together with the same things.

I’m probably nicer than I need to be and a bit too forgiving. I have faith in humanity even if sometimes I worry about society’s future. Optimism is my philosophy of life, because there’s always a probability that something good will happen.

I love to read and I’m a bit of a writer. My goal is to one day publish a book, but I’ve been battling with writer’s block for a while. Perhaps it is my self-doubt that prevents me from writing, the fear that I can’t write anything worth publishing. But also probably because I am working two jobs and just feel like crashing on my bed when I get home.

Perhaps a bit too much knowledge about me?

Definitely not. If we’re going to continue on this path of blogdom, then we’re going to have to become very close friends. While I won’t be focusing on my personal life, I want to share who I am and be honest about where I am coming from.

Alyssa, Meagan, and I have some very amazing plans for this blog – and across all social media that we’ll be setting up shortly. Inbetween Thoughts will be a mixture of the three of us – sharing with you a blast of lifestyle topics that range from cooking to fashion and beauty to travel. Each of us will share a variety of different topics, but keep a focus on certain things.

My goal is to share posts focusing on fashion – both trendy and business. I want to share styling tips, how to wear things for the season or trend, where to go to find the best pieces, and fun things to wear to work while looking cute and classy.

If you ever have a request, please feel free to comment below and let us know. We’re here to have fun and share our knowledge, but mostly we’re here for you, the readers, to bring you content that you want to read and learn about.

I’ll go ahead and pass the torch over to Meagan. Keep a lookout for her introductory post on Wednesday!

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Fashionista. Dreamer. Blogger. Adventurer. Lover of life. Austinite.

I’m passionate about writing and style and being happy. Luckily, all three are possible with Inbetween Thoughts.

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