10 Boots This Season You Can Use to Walk Over All Your Haters

I hope you’ve started pulling out your boots this season, because it’s officially the perfect weather for them (at least, it finally is here in Texas). If you’re anything like me, you have at least six pairs of boots (be it ankle or knee-high) in […]

Diary of a Beauty Beginner 2: Korean Lip Tints

I have developed a bit of an obsession with lip make up and so it was a natural progression for me to jump head first into lip tints. With claims of all day color with lip nourishing ingredients I just had to know more. My […]

Subscription Nation: September Ipsy Glam Bag

Subscription Nation: September Ipsy Glam Bag

Like. A. Boss. Could you think of a more perfect theme? I’ve made it my life’s mission to be my best self and work to get to where I want to be. Being a boss babe is the best way to do this! Which is […]

My Wedding Emergency Kit

Today’s post will be short because the writers of Inbetween Thoughts are going on vacation!  As you may have read, I’m getting married, and so, Allegany is traveling to the beach to have a bachelorette party and then celebrate a wedding.  So I thought I’d […]

How to Beat the Monday Dragons

First of all, Happy Belated Father’s Day to all those amazing dads out there! I spent the day with my parents and watched a movie called Dragonslayer with them. Hilariously enough, I had just given my dad a book series about dragons as a gift. […]

How to Avoid Looking Too Young at a Job Interview

I’m a writer. Well, duh, Meagan, clearly because you’re a blogger. And as a writer, my goal for myself is to land a job where I get to write.  So I have begun meticulously applying to several jobs in hopes of landing some form of […]

4 Reasons Why I Love the Show, 13 Reasons Why

For once I can be that annoying hipster and get to say, “I liked 13 Reasons Why before it was cool!”  I read the book while I was in high school after finding it at my local Barnes and Noble. I browsed the young adult […]

Using Sheet Masks: A How To

The basic of most skin care routines are face masks. The one that has captured my heart is the sheet mask. These can be found on websites such as Amazon or in stores like Wal-mart. I have yet to try the ones at Wal-mart, but […]

Ways to Spice Up Your Cubicle

Ways to Spice Up Your Cubicle

It’s a proven fact that personalizing your workspace can make you 25% more efficient at your job. The reasoning? It provides you with a sense of identity and gives you a little bit of control. It makes you happy. While we can’t all have a […]

My Pressed Penny Collection: The Benefits of Collecting

My Pressed Penny Collection: The Benefits of Collecting

Collecting is a human experience.  It’s something so many people do whether it’s a professional collection or a casual collection.  The collection itself can range from nearly anything: from salt and pepper shakers (in my mom’s case), pressed pennies (in my case), to random knick […]