Fun Things to Do in Beautiful Wichita, Kansas

The locals here may complain about having nothing to do in Wichita, Kansas, but the truth is far from that.  Wichita is Kansas’s second biggest city, sitting at a population of nearly 400,000 people.  Maybe you’re passing through or want a reason to stop in […]

Tips for Business Travel

I’m currently out on business travel, so my post may be shorter than normal and I apologize in advance. I recently moved into a new position at work (yay!) and got the opportunity to visit my company’s headquarters to really define the process I will […]

Colorado Adventures

During the long weekend, my husband and I took a trip to Colorado Springs.  We didn’t have a whole lot of time to explore, but we had some awesome people to show us around (Thanks in-laws!). On our first day, we shopped at Manitou, a […]

Travel Adventure Diaries: South Padre Island

Travel Adventure Diaries: South Padre Island

I’ve now officially been in all of the bodies of water surrounding the United States, which is really freaking cool. And what I’ve learned this summer is that I really really like the ocean. Besides being just breathtakingly beautiful, the water is a lot of fun […]

Favorite Beach Tips & Hacks

Since Inbetween Thoughts is heading to the beach soon for Meagan’s magnificent destination wedding, I’ve been looking at a few tips & hacks for beach trips (gotta be a little more prepared for the sun than I usually am). Below are some of my favorites: […]

Travel Adventure Diaries: California Dreams

Travel Adventure Diaries: California Dreams

Remember last month when I was hinting at my much-anticipated vacation to California? Well, it happened. And it was amazing. I’m not crying because I had to leave, I promise. There’s just something in my eye. Both of them. From the well-packed streets of San Francisco […]

Travel Adventure Diaries: Natural Bridge Caverns

My father and I have given ourselves a new goal: visit all the caverns in Texas (Dad, if you’re reading this, I’ve done some research and there are apparently eight caverns in the state). So far, we’ve visited the Innerspace Caverns, Longhorn Caverns, and the Caverns of […]