Tips and Life Hacks

My Go To Photo Editing App

Instagram filters are great, don’t get me wrong, but I need something that allows a little more customization before I can share with the world. After reading reviews from several bloggers, I found out about the PS Express app and it has honestly been one of […]

Things Everyone Should Know Pt. 1: How to Hand Wash Dishes

Now some of you may be thinking who doesn’t know how to hand wash dishes? While others maybe thinking when will I ever have to know this? Well what happens if your dishwasher breaks? You can’t take them down to a dishmat and pay quarters […]

Favorite Beach Tips & Hacks

Since Inbetween Thoughts is heading to the beach soon for Meagan’s magnificent destination wedding, I’ve been looking at a few tips & hacks for beach trips (gotta be a little more prepared for the sun than I usually am). Below are some of my favorites: […]

How to Move from Dreaming to Doing

How many times have you told yourself that you are going to do something – start learning a language, writing that book you play over and over in your head, taking up an instrument – and then you don’t do anything? The excuses are there: […]

Office Desk Essentials

Office Desk Essentials

For all of my lovely office working folk, we all need a work survival pack in case things go wrong.  And believe me, things can go very wrong from an unexpected migraine to forgotten lunches.  So I’ve compiled a list of office desk essentials so […]

How to Maximize Personal and Work Productivity During Downtime at Work

Some positions come with decent pay, great benefits, and maybe even free snacks, but some may also come with downtime.  Maybe too much of it.  Maybe it’s the off season and there’s only so much work to be done or maybe you’re a receptionist whose […]

Fourth Of July – Pet Awareness!

Fourth Of July – Pet Awareness!

You’ve decorated your home in red, white, and blue – most likely yourself, too – and it’s time to begin the celebrations! Hamburgers and hotdogs, outside games, and a few alcoholic beverages are sure to fill your day. But while you’ve been enjoying yourself and […]

First Day on the Job Survival Tips

Heck yeah!  You rocked the interview and now you’ve landed the job of your dreams.  Okay, maybe it’s not the job of your dreams, but still, experience is still experience and starting a new job is still exciting… And also nerve wracking. I know, because this […]

25 Things You’ll Learn by the Time You Turn 25

It’s been a crazy busy month, but none of it has taken away from the fact that my 25th birthday is coming up. Cue the disco lights and dance music. It’s time to party! It’s not a huge milestone, but I’m just super excited about […]

Unplug yourself

Yes that title means your electronics. Now I know what you’re probably thinking, it’s a funny topic to present in a blog post on a computer. Or perhaps you thought, how will I keep up with current events or what if I miss something important? […]