My Christmas First: What Makes This Christmas Special For Me

It was only a couple of years ago that the idea of married life was nothing more than a dream.  I spent my college years dating different guys, exploring my own interests, and becoming the adult I am today.  When I thought about being married, […]

My Destination Wedding Planning: Booked Venue, Makeup Artist, and Event Planner

I recently spent two weeks in Texas trying to plan as much wedding stuff as I could.  Considering I’ve never planned a wedding before and the last wedding I attended was several years ago that was simply quaint and small, I was definitely in over […]

The Start of Planning My Destination Wedding

As you may have read, my husband and I got engaged back in January.  While we’re technically married already (hence why I said “husband”), we haven’t had an official wedding yet.  Long story short, he’s military and we needed to get married ASAP as he was […]

Valentine’s Day Special: My Husband’s Proposal

I awoke to my boyfriend, Adam, nudging me. “Let’s go, I want to get the day started,” he said enthusiastically.   I opened one eye and checked my phone for the time.  9 AM sharp.  Ugh. I put my pillow on top of my head […]

We Did It

Trevor held the small, silver key in his large, bear-like hands.  We stood in front of apartment A12 and he smiled at me as he unlocked our apartment for the very first time.  We entered the living room, the whole apartment was barren, yet to […]

LDR Survival Tips

1. Give Each Other Space Yes, yes, I know that you miss him terribly and it’s been, like, forever since you last kissed him, but overcrowding each other is the fastest way to cause a rift between you. The constant “I love you’s” and “I […]

5 Best Things About Being in a Long Distance Relationship

5 Best Things About Being in a Long Distance Relationship

1.  It Gives You a Reason to Travel Who else dreams about travelling the world?  Uhhh, that would be me.  Who else lacks the motivation to get off your ass and actually do it? That would also be me.  But if you’re anything like me, […]