The Movement from Private to Public Halloween Celebrations

Way back when Trick or Treating was a phenomenon among kids. Going from neighborhood to neighborhood in our chosen costumes to fill up our bags with candy. The decorations scaring the pants off all of us while we tried to look brave for our friends. […]

Invisalign or Braces: Which One is Superior?

Twelve years ago I went through my pubescent years, as most preteens do, with a metal mouth.  While I was graced with good dental genes, I was not graced with straight teeth.  In fact, they were actually pretty awful.  For two years I painstakingly wore […]

What I Learned Being Vegetarian For a Week

Why did I become vegetarian for a week? There are many reasons, but the biggest one is lame: I was bored.  I have the same routine every day and my life was getting too boring and predictable.  On top of that, I’ve been eating way […]

My Fave 2017 NYFW Looks

My dream is to one day actually be able to go to NYFW, but for now I’ll take the live streams of some of the stages and all of the fashion on my Instagram feed. While I’m sitting here in Texas drooling over some of […]

My Go To Photo Editing App

Instagram filters are great, don’t get me wrong, but I need something that allows a little more customization before I can share with the world. After reading reviews from several bloggers, I found out about the PS Express app and it has honestly been one of […]

My Summer Reading Pt. 1

A few days ago I was cleaning out an old school bag from semesters past and found a book I had bought on a whim because the cover interested me. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for the me now) I stored the book away for later […]

Showing Love for Slogan Tees

I’m not gonna lie, I tend to stick to fashion tops and dresses (I’m sure you’ve probably realized this by now in our blogger/reader relationship). Graphic tees and slogan tees have never been my thing. But lately, I’ve been super in love with this fun […]

5 Reasons to Love K-Dramas

For those of you who don’t know a K-drama is a show from South Korea. Before you ask, yes they are in Korean, but sub-titles correct this problem beautifully. These shows are available on websites such as; Netfix, Hulu, and Dramafever; or you can buy […]

Remakes: Yes Please? or Leave It Be?

With nearly all of the Disney movies getting a reboot and tv shows from my childhood popping up with new versions I decided to ask the question on everyone’s mind. Are remakes worth it? I believe the answer is yes, if care is taken. I […]