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Diary of a Beauty Beginner: Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Being an avid skin care fan I love trying new trends in beauty at least once. So when I heard about the charcoal peel off mask I had to know more. After watching a few Instagram videos of people acting like they were peeling their […]

Picking the Right Bag: Fashion Vs Function

When you’re picking out the perfect outfit for that hot date or that all important job interview and every just has to be on point. When you want to reach for that so cute bag but it’s also so tiny (do you really need your […]

The Movement from Private to Public Halloween Celebrations

Way back when Trick or Treating was a phenomenon among kids. Going from neighborhood to neighborhood in our chosen costumes to fill up our bags with candy. The decorations scaring the pants off all of us while we tried to look brave for our friends. People would spend days decorating their houses and gathering the “best” candy to offer the goblins and ghouls. Kids and parents spent months planning and creating a costume that would go down in neighborhood legends. Halloween was a huge party on a private scale.

For years Halloween was something people did in their own house and neighborhoods. It was friends and neighbors handing candy to neighbors and friends. Streets used to be lit up with jack o’ lanterns and lined with parents corralling candy seeking kids. But now it seems that kind of Trick or Treating is going the way of the VHS and cord phones; nostalgic good old days. Slowly, year by year, those jack o’ lanterns have been disappearing until only one or two houses in a neighborhood have decorations. Where are all the kiddies going to fill their sacks full of candy? Into the public domain.

As the private aspect of Halloween dies the public aspect grows out of the ashes. Most cities and institutions are now putting on festivals, block parties, or haunted whatevers. Instead of going from private house to private house kids go from booths run by stores or churches in droves. Instead of neighbors celebrating with each other it is the local hardware store celebrating with the local gym. Halloween has become less about people coming together and more about business making connections and drawing people in. Halloween has become a city wide holiday and has lost some of its scare factor. Since these celebrations are public they have to keep everyone happy and so can no longer scare the pants of everyone.


My New Favorite Exfoliator

Way back when in high school (before I actually researched skin care) I used to use the apricot scrub nearly everyday. Turns out this is a bad thing to do as it basically keeps scrubbing the top layer of your skin off. After years of […]

Diary of a Beauty Beginner: Snail Cream

Before you say EW! let me remove the image of snails sliding down your face from this conversation. I am not telling you to go order a plate of escargot for your face or to go snail hunting in your backyard. All you have to […]

Diary of a Beauty Beginner 2: Korean Lip Tints

I have developed a bit of an obsession with lip make up and so it was a natural progression for me to jump head first into lip tints. With claims of all day color with lip nourishing ingredients I just had to know more.

My first experience was with the wine tint from Labiotte.

Honestly I found this tint kind of meh. Maybe it was because I had built it up in my head after constantly reading about it and seeing it every where. To start with the tint smells heavily of wine (not so great for someone who doesn’t like wine) and it was lighter than I thought it would be. I don’t mean the color looked lighter, I mean the liquid its self had less pigment then I was waiting for. It took me multiple applications to get the darker look in the swatch pictures. When I first unscrewed the top I found a pretty straight forward applicator brush that was deceptively simple. At the first swipe across my lips I could almost swear nothing was there. AFter a few more swipes I began to see color but as soon as I rubbed my lips together to spread it evenly I ended up with patches rubbed off. I quickly discovered the best way to apply this is to keep your lips apart and apply multiple layers (until you get the color saturation you’re looking for) and let it dry before you touch it. The color was decent looking but stood up to nothing. For a tint that was so much work I was hoping it would have more staying power. As soon as I began to eat (I used this for a bestie date to a Thai food restaurant) it was gone. It wiped completely off before I made it half way through dinner.

My second experience was with the Dear Darling lip tint from Etude House.


As I opened the container I hoped this was different from the wine tint. The color was more saturated, looking way darker in the vial then on the lips. The tint seemed more watery than the wine tint as I tilted the vial back and forth but I was pleasantly surprised. As I applied it I saw color almost instantly and it dried fairly quickly. It was a little sticky on my lips but I could live with it. After my first experience I knew to fully apply it and let it dry without touching it. The only problem was that since this was runny it ended up places it shouldn’t. As I tried to apply it to my lips the tint ended up on my teeth and around my lips (a word from the wise, it tastes horrible!). But as I slowly got the hang of it I realized I could use my finger to lightly spread the tint around after applying it to my lips (your finger will be red) and then let it dry. Much the same as the wine tint it took a few coats to get a heavier look but I feel like this tint had better color saturation and so took less time to get a deeper color. This tint has held up to eating and drinking with a little fading but the color stays.

My third experience was the Tony Moly Delight lip tint.


The steps for this tint were much the same as the other two, hold your lips apart and try not to paint your chin and teeth. This tint went on more of a sheer red then the other two. The tint in the bottle is slightly see through and this transfers to lip application. It almost reminded me of lip gloss I used to use way back when. That light hint of color instead of a pop like lip stick. The color had some staying power but as with the others reapplication is necessary. It smelled better than the other two (thankfully I did not end up tasting this one).

My fourth experience is the Seammul tint from the Saem


This tint was thicker then the others and the color went on with more of a pop then a hint. I was surprised to not need to apply over and over again to get a deeper color but this tint did set stubbornly. If I made a mistake with the others it was easy to wipe off, this one left marks behind (I suggest being careful).

All in all I think lip tints are a personal preference that may go on the back burner for now. I like the colors of most of the tints and that they did not really dry out my lips, but I think I prefer the simplicity of just rolling a lip crayon across my lips. I will save the lip tints for days I have more time and energy to get them right. I feel like I still need more practice with this form of lip make up but I encourage anyone considering Korean lip tints to jump right in and discover their new beauty love.


Make Honey Work for You

Everyone knows the sticky golden sweetness that comes from bees. We eat it on crackers or peanut butter sandwhiches or drink it in tea. But what not everyone knows is that honey can actually do more for you then just delight your taste buds. Here […]

How Important is Sunscreen Really?

For years I have been getting conflicting answers to this question (covered also in the previous post Sunshine; A Necessary Evil). When I was in school I was told to only put on sun screen when I would be out in the sun for extended […]

Double Cleanse: Day 1

For a while I was very skeptical about the double cleanse method of skin care. I would do it here and there when I remember but not enough to say I’m really doing it. Well after reading the The Little Book of Skin Care by the founder of the site SOKO Glam (a recommended read for anyone interested in the Korean skin care method) I decided to revisit this Korean method of washing your face. For those of you not familiar with this method it is a two step process of washing your face. First you apply an oil cleanser to your dry face and massage it in with a little bit of warm water on your hands. This rids your face of built up oil and any oil soluble dirt. Then you wash it off and apply a water based cleanser to wash off any water soluble grime on your face. Then you pat your face damp (I recently learned that a damp face absorbs more then a dry one) with a towel. After your face is damp continue with your normal skincare routine (remember moisturize moisturize moisturize).

After reading the back of my honey banana cleanser (from My New Favorite Cleanser) to check that it was water based, off to Amazon I went to buy an oil cleanser. After some research I chose the resveratrol Clean It Zero by Banila Co. which is formulated to help shrink pores.

Since I have only ever used coconut oil for the step of oil cleansing (you can continue to do this but know that it may leave a residue and is not formulated to completely wash off your skin) I sat down and read the instructions. These were pretty straight forward and so I got to work. With my face dry I scooped out a little of the balm (which is solid in the jar) and began smoothing it over my face. The oil is slick and as it warms from your hands it turns into more of a liquid. Adding a little bit of warm water I massaged it into my face. Starting at the C’s under my cheek bones I made my way over and up my nose, then across the forehead and down around my face to under my chin (repeat this process for a few minutes to massage in the cleanser and help stimulate circulation). Once I felt good and massaged I washed the cleanser off with warm water.

As my water based cleanser I used my Honey Banana Cleansing Foam by Scinic. This step am a pro at as I’ve been doing it for months now. I just squirted a little of the cleanser onto my face scrubber/massager and worked it over my face as it foamed up, paying close attention to my problem areas such as my nose. After my face was good an lathered I washed it off with lukewarm water and patted my face damp. Then went on to the next steps of my skin care routine.

While it is too early to honestly say I see any difference yet I felt it. My face feels softer and somehow cleaner. I honestly thought my face would feel stripped and have that tight feeling you get from really harsh cleansers. I mean washing my face twice should remove any chance your skin has of maintaining any oils right? Wrong. My skin actually seems a little more oily after using it (in a my face feels really healthy way, not an ew my face feels like a cheap pizza way). My skin feels happier with itself. Only time will tell if this method really cleans out my pores better and gives me clearer more radiant skin.


Diary of a Beauty Beginner: Setting Spray

For those of you who have been following us from the beginning you know I am still a beginner when it comes to most things beauty. I have decided to journal my journey as I try out new things in the field of beauty. For […]