5 Unique Gifts for Him He’s Bound to Love

Are we noticing a trend yet here on Inbetween Thoughts?  Gifts for moms, gifts for your pooch, and now gifts for him.  We sure do love giving presents around here!

Here’s a convenient list of some unique gift for that handsome man in your life.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel – $59.99

Gifts for Him

Come on, who doesn’t want this?  I want this and I’m not even a dude.  This whiskey barrel is a great, personalized gift to give your husband/brother/son (assuming they’re of age of course) for their man cave (or space).  I bought this particular whiskey barrel from the Etsy store linked in the picture above and my husband loves it!  It holds any kind of alcohol, although you do have to cure it first.  (The barrel comes with curing instructions).  You get to pick the font style and emblem, making this gift very personal.  If you don’t like this vendor’s particular style, there are plenty more floating around Etsy!

DIY Beer Coasters

Gifts for Him

If the man in your life loves beer, this is a great gift to give them for those who enjoy making presents.  Price depends on the items you have on hand, but shouldn’t be too expensive.

Personalized Wallet – $39.00+

Gifts for Him

Every man owns a wallet, so why not buy a nice, personalized one for your son/spouse/brother?  This gift for him is guaranteed to be used every day and will have him thinking about you every time he pulls it out.

Shaving Kit – $34.95+

Gifts for Him

Every man shaves, so why not give him a gift to make the shave smoother and nicer?  He’ll love an authentic straight razor along with creamy shaving cream.  You can even have it engraved if personalizing gifts is the way you give presents!

Custom Metal Art – $270.00

Gifts for Him

This gift for him is quite pricey, but I had to include it because I love the idea of it.  Simply send in the picture of your choice and have it made into metal art to hang on your walls.  It’s unique and bound to be something he’ll love to hang in his man cave (depending on the picture) or just within his house in general.


Gifts for him can be quite a pain to find.  Why does it seem men collectively never know what they want?  I hope these gifts inspire ideas for that man in your life.

I’ll see you on Sunday!

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