4 Christmas Traditions to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

My family and I love Christmas.  My grandmother goes all out with unique Christmas traditions that are a hit by the whole family.  Here are four of our Christmas traditions that are sure to be loved by anyone’s family.

1. Find Your Ornament on the Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas tradition started just before I was born 24 years ago.  My grandmother buys everyone an ornament that represents a big accomplishment he/she made during the year.  For example, since I got married this year, I will probably get an ornament related to our wedding.  My grandmother then hides them on the Christmas tree and one-by-one we take turns looking for our ornament.  Her children hide an ornament for her so she isn’t left out.

This tradition is a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and important events.  It’s fairly cheap (depending on how big your family is), but stands as a special memento for the recipient.  I, personally, had amassed quite an ornament collection by the time I moved out of my mom’s house and had my own tree to decorate.

These ornaments also make for a special Christmas tree if you’re into unique and personal decorations as opposed to traditional ones.  I have decorated my tree with a mix of traditional ornaments and the unique ones I’ve received to make a tree that is beautiful and matches my personality/style.

Christmas TraditionsChristmas TraditionsChristmas Traditions

2. Find the Nut

My family doesn’t make a Christmas dinner.  Instead, we have a bunch of appetizers to snack on throughout the day.  My grandmother sneaks a peanut into a few of these appetizers (about 5 or 6) and if you’re lucky enough to find one, you get to pick out a gift basked filled with treats.  You can only win one per Christmas, so if you find another nut, you don’t get to pick out another basket.

This is a fun Christmas tradition that puts people in a good mood.  The gift baskets are usually filled with candies, chips, knick-knacks, etc, so there’s something for everyone.  My grandmother fronts all of the expenses for this and I imagine it can be a bit pricey.  However, you can have multiple people go in on it to reduce the cost of the gift baskets.

3. White Elephant

Most people know the rules of a white elephant exchange; however, my family does things a little differently to ensure everyone gets a good deal.  Again, my grandmother provides the gifts.  (I told you she likes to go all out for Christmas).  She purchases Christmas music boxes for every member of our family (we have a small family), and then buys gift cards of varying prices and locations.  On Christmas, she places the gift cards underneath the music box and we each draw a number.  Then we proceed with the usual white elephant rules until everyone has a gift card.  Finally, my grandmother pulls out an envelope and tells us that we can exchange our gift card for what’s inside the envelope.  However, we have no way of knowing what’s inside.  Could be better.  Could be worse.  First person to take the deal, gets it.

I enjoy the tradition, although it has accounted for a few arguments in the past.  You can easily change the rules to meet your family’s needs.  For example, instead of one person providing the gifts, everyone could bring a gift card instead.  It’s a fun little tradition where everyone gets a prize and a good way to engage in some silly banter.

Christmas TraditionsChristmas Traditions

4. Christmas Fudge

This Christmas tradition was started by my great-great-grandmother.  She came up with a delicious fudge recipe that has been handed down to the daughters.  Currently, my mom makes the fudge, and technically I should be next in line to inherit the recipe, but I am a vegan and don’t eat the fudge anymore.  However, this fudge is our Christmas staple.  Christmas would not be the same without making fudge and making the fudge any time other than Christmas feels wrong.

So consider adopting making a Christmas treat as a Christmas tradition.  It will give family members something to look forward to all year long and can perhaps, provide a bonding opportunity between parents and children.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my family’s Christmas traditions.  Please comment below any of your unique traditions!

Happy Blogmas!  I’ll see you on Tuesday!

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