Floating Ornaments: Add Some Magic to Your Christmas

Looking to add some magic to your Christmas decorations this year? Want to make that neighbor who always has the best decorations green with envy? Here’s how. Floating Ornaments. That’s right have a Harry Potter style Christmas. You can have the magic in just 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Collect your supplies

For this project you will need:

Your tallest friend (just kidding…mostly)

A step Ladder

Clear fishing wire

Clear thumb tacks(this is how we string ours up but you can use anything that you want so long as it blends in with your ceiling)

Ornaments of your choosing with hook loops at the top

Step 2: Tie you fishing line to the ornaments

Now that you have your supplies collected unspool and cut differing lengths of the clear fishing line. Make sure the lines are not so long they will be in the way. Then securely tie one ornament to the end of each one of the cut lines. Make sure to use multiple knots because the magic sort of runs out when people are being hit in the head with falling ornaments.

Step 3: Create your loops 

After you have your ornaments secured take the other end of the line and make a small loop (I loop the line around my finger). Then tie off the line so the loop holds in place. Repeat this step until all of your lines have loops.

Step 4: Hang them up 

Now that you have your hanging ornaments it’s time send your tallest friend scampering up that ladder. I recommend having people handy to hold the hooks/tacks and the ornaments so the person on the ladder can have them handed to them. For this step take one of your lines by the loop end and hold it up to the ceiling where you want to place it. Then stick your hook/tack through the loop and push it in to the ceiling. Once the tack is in let the line go and make sure the ornaments are not too heavy for the tacks. Repeat this step to hang up the ornaments in any design you want.

Step 5: Wow your loved ones

Now just sit back and watch your friend’s and family’s eye bug out at your magical display of floating ornaments.



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