7 Habits of Highly Productive People

We all know that one person who seems to get a million things done, get (some) sleep, and still make everything look flawless.

Most of the time, we’re wondering just how to achieve that level of productivity. Procrastination seems to pull us into its grasp whenever it can. I know that I am a victim of it pretty much every day and I’m sure you’re the same (come on, it’s sooo much easier to put it off until last minute… right?).

So, to try and get into the mindset of a productive person (who doesn’t seem to be buried yet underneath their mountain of work), I’ve researched a few habits of highly productive people.

  1. They take breaks throughout the day. Productive people recognize that they can’t power through every task without taking a few moments to step away and recharge. We can usually stay focused for about 90 minutes but need to take a break after that in order to give great quality work.
  2. They limit technological distractions. I know, heart attack, right? Don’t take me away from my phone! But it’s totally true that it’s a distraction that eats up our time. Stay away from being on IG all of the time and avoid your other social media distractions. If you need to focus on a task at work and keep getting distracted by email notifications, see if you can turn them off or maybe just shut down your email altogether. It helps.
  3. They channel their anxiety to be of use to them. Stress can be bad for you, but it can also be good. Productive people have learned to overcome feelings of anxiety by focusing on why they are excited about something.
  4. They make lists. Readers, staying organized is super important (and I’m sure you’ve realized that by now). We all have our own methods of keeping track of things, but productive people create straight forward lists of what they need to do. And then they do them. Easy peasy, right?
  5. They don’t envy others. Productive people don’t put in the time to worry about others. It doesn’t matter. They are focused on themselves and getting things done. I mean, there’s really no time for self comparison.
  6. They know that exercise and healthy eating helps with improved mental health and energy. Mental health is so important for multiple reasons, but one is that it can seriously affect our energy and productivity. Treat yourself right by eating nutritional food and exercising (at least every now and then). Your brain (and boss) will thank you.
  7. They take the time to focus on one thing. When we multitask, we’re just running between multiple tasks and completing it in small pieces. It’s not getting done right away and causing constant interruptions. Productive people know that focusing on one thing at a time will allow them to finish it faster and cause less stress.

So, dear readers, how are you being productive today? Share and comment below!


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