5 Days of Young Professional Attire

Monday – Patterned Dress
Mondays suck and like most people, I get the Monday blues.  So to pick up my spirits a bit, I wear something I feel confident in.  This particular Monday I chose to wear this black and white patterned dress.  It stops just above my knee, making it work appropriate, but not too old ladyish.  I pair it with a classic black heel because who doesn’t feel confident in classic black heels?

Tuesday – Flirty Red Dress
After recovering from the Monday Blues, I felt invigorated and went with this red dress to mirror my good mood.  The dress is paired with a brown, chunky heeled boot for a finished look to this more fun outfit.

Wednesday – Pencil Skirt & Patterned Top
Pencil skirts are one of my favorite things to wear to work.  They are a classic and flattering on mot body types.  I pair this skirt with a fun patterned top to make the outfit more appropriate for a 24 year old.  I chose light brown heels to wear to match the top.

Thursday – Red Pencil Skirt
Did I mention I love pencil skirts?  On Thursday I chose to wear this red pencil skirt paired with a simple black shirt.  Black heels completed this look.

Friday – Casual Fridays!
Fridays are casual at my office and while I enjoy dressing up, Fridays are a nice break form planning out an outfit.  I chose high-waisted, grey skinny jeans and a fun patterned top.  And of course I wore flats to give my poor feet a break from heels.

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