My New Favorite Cleanser

I recently bought a new cleanser because I ran out of my old charcoal one. I decided to give a foaming cleanser a try since they seemed to be all the rage. I honestly didn’t think it would be much different then any other cleanser. But then I found the Honey Banana cleansing foam from Scinic at Rue21.

The first thing I noticed about this cleanser was how heavy the container felt. I was honestly expecting it to feel like nothing. I mean it’s foam right? But actually it looks just like any other cleanser until you rub it on your face. Then it turns into tiny clouds of honey and bananas.

When you apply it to your wet face it foams up and smells great. It feels so good on your face and leave your skin feeling almost like you applied lotion. I even noticed that my skin seems happier as I use it more and more. The ingredients in this product are good for your skin and don’t dry it out or leave it too oily. After you cover your face in foam you just wash it off with lukewarm water.

I give this product 5 out 5 stars. I love the product its self and it was under 10$ at The container was big for the price (a lot of these are super small when compared to the price). The smell was great and the feel even better. I highly recommend this cleanser.


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