Fourth Of July – Pet Awareness!

You’ve decorated your home in red, white, and blue – most likely yourself, too – and it’s time to begin the celebrations! Hamburgers and hotdogs, outside games, and a few alcoholic beverages are sure to fill your day. But while you’ve been enjoying yourself and winding up for the main event of the night, it’s important to recognize that the same event you are looking forward to is the same event that will cause your pets to be afraid.
Fourth of July fireworks typically cause high anxiety in pets. In fact, they may get out of your yard in an attempt to escape and find safety. In order to prevent this from happening and to provide safety for your pet, here are a few tips on things to do tomorrow.

  • Keep Your Pets Indoors. Pets can sometimes escape the yard in an effort to get away from the terrifying noise of the fireworks. It’s best to keep them inside so this doesn’t happen. Once they get out of the yard, it’s very dangerous for them – especially with the increased number of people who have been drinking.
  • Keep Your Pet Identified. In case anything is to happen where your pet gets out, make sure they have some sort of tag on them or are microchipped so that you are better able to find them. Of course, I know you’ll work to make sure this doesn’t happen, but it’s always good to be safe!
  • Do Not Take Your Pet to a Fireworks Display. BAD IDEA. Leave your pets at home if you are going out to see fireworks. It will be a high-anxiety zone for them – crowds of people, lots of noises, and finally the terrifying fireworks themselves.
  • Remind Party Guests Not to Feed Your Pets. If you are having a party at home and have the dogs out and about, remember to let your party guests know not to feed your pets any human food and to pick up anything they might drop. You don’t want anything potentially poisonous to your pets to accidentally wind up on the floor where they can easily get to it.
  • Keep an Eye Out for Pets Around the Grill. The smell of food is on the air and your pet’s nose might lead them right to it. Make sure to keep your pets away from any dangerous heat sources – we don’t want them to get hurt!
  • Check Your Yard for Any Debris After the Festivities. Make sure that everything is properly picked up after the night’s festivities. Check again in the morning, in case anything fell into your yard from fireworks others set off.

Now that you’ve prepared safety for your pet, you can get back to the festivities and enjoying the night with your friends and family! Don’t forget to be safe yourself – don’t drink and drive. Get back home safely. But most importantly, have fun!

Happy Fourth of July!


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