25 Things You’ll Learn by the Time You Turn 25

It’s been a crazy busy month, but none of it has taken away from the fact that my 25th birthday is coming up. Cue the disco lights and dance music. It’s time to party!

It’s not a huge milestone, but I’m just super excited about it. I’ve been alive for a quarter of a century. Like whoa.

I may not have the wisdom of our ancient ancestors, but life has shared lessons with me these few years that I’ve been alive. And since the big day is just around the corner, I wanted to take the time to reflect on these things, celebrate the good and bad, and turn a bright eye toward the future.

  1. You don’t need to rush to figure out who you are going to be. Sure, we all want to know where we are going in life. It’s stressful not knowing. But not knowing is okay – sometimes it’s even helpful. Find out what you like and go from there. You’ll get to where you need to be.
  2. Don’t let opportunities pass you by, especially if they could get you to your dream job/lifestyle. If you see something that screams Best Opportunity Ever and haunts your dreams, go for it. And then take even the small opportunities. Network, take class, find fun events that you’ll enjoy, apply for that job that makes you go heart eyed… If you don’t take the opportunity, you’ll never get there.
  3. Sometimes people aren’t always meant to be in your life. It’s hard, yeah. You’ve developed a bond that you never thought was going to be broken. But sometimes people who come into your life aren’t meant to stay, whether you end it amicably or with tears and a quart pint of ice cream. They’re meant to teach you who you are and allow you to grow from it.
  4. Finding a full-time job straight out of college is tough. If you can jump straight into your career after graduating, congrats to you. It took me 6 months before I could land a full-time gig that met my skill set and paid enough for me to pay the bills and eat. Don’t let this bring you down, though. You can find the job. It’s just waiting for you.
  5. However, that doesn’t mean the job will end up being what you need. Don’t be discouraged. We’ve all had that job that maybe we don’t like so much or that doesn’t align at all with our plans. Keep going. This is just a stepping stone to get you to where you need to be.
  6. Cooking a real meal is so much better than going out or eating a frozen dinner. Seriously. It may not seem like too much of a lesson, but I always feel happier after I’ve made a real meal with all the good proteins and daily food groups that my body needs.
  7. Family is always important. Don’t lose touch with your family. Maybe you don’t get along that well with all of them, but they are what keep you grounded. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without their love and support and guidance. 
  8. A good book and a cup of tea can be a great Friday night. Or even Netflix. The point is that you don’t need to go out and get wasted to enjoy yourself. Take a moment to relax and cherish the little things.
  9. Don’t keep waiting. Go out there and get what you want. Sometimes you won’t get an opportunity to go where you want to go, so you have to make it happen yourself. Don’t tell everyone you know that you are going to start a blog when you haven’t even made the first move to set it up. Take the steps to get your goals met – you can’t make it there if you don’t try.
  10. Sometimes we fail. Failing is okay. It teaches us what not to do. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just try harder next time.
  11. Even if everything looks dark, there’s always a rainbow at the other end. I cannot emphasize this enough. Please remember that things will get better. You may not be where you want to right now, but you just need to keep moving forward. Happy days are on the way.
  12. Random dancing makes life a whole lot of fun. Dance in the car. Dance at the store. Dance at work to the songs you’re starting to hate because they repeat so often. It makes things a lot more fun, especially when you have a partner in crime to do it with.
  13. Travel can make you feel alive. If it’s just for a class that goes abroad for a week, get out there. Even if it’s just a weekend trip to the beach with your friends, go with them. Getting out of your routine is fun and exciting and you can learn a lot. International travel is just absolutely breathtaking. Immerse yourself in other cultures and, who knows, maybe you’ll learn a bit about yourself along the way.
  14. Be smart about your financials. Don’t do things out of the budget. Set a budget. Shopping trips and going out are fun, but they won’t be as fun when you can afford to pay the bills or buy food that actually fills you up. Save money when possible – you’ll appreciate it later in life.
  15. Being in a relationship doesn’t define who you are. Okay, maybe I’m not one to talk since I’ve never been in a relationship. Still, I don’t ever want that to be something that I rely on and cling to. We are all our own person and a relationship doesn’t change that. Don’t lose yourself or think that you need to be in a relationship to be important. You’re already important.
  16. Be okay with accepting help. It can be hard to let people help out when you’ve become this independent person that can do everything herself. Just realize when things are maybe a bit too much for you and you need to bring in someone else. It doesn’t make you weak.
  17. On the other hand, don’t help other people too much. Saying no is okay. This one is hard. Helping others can become a natural reaction. Don’t be afraid to say no every now and then. You need to be there for yourself as well.
  18. Take care of yourself. You only have one body. Take care of it. You’ll appreciate it later on in life. I’m talking to you, college Brittany who wore her tall heels around campus all day because they looked cute and made the outfit come together. #badchoices
  19. Never let anyone make you think your feelings aren’t important. Your feelings are valid. They are yours and yours alone. Nobody can take that away from you.
  20. But don’t be so stuck in your own opinions that you can’t accept anyone else’s. Life is a push and pull. Maybe you don’t agree with someone else. That doesn’t mean you can just push their feelings aside and ignore them. Listen and try to understand. And then move on.
  21. Working multiple jobs is hard. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tons of fun. I loved getting to work with all the people at both of my jobs. But at some point it becomes too much. If you don’t need it, don’t do it. It’s a lot of stress on your body. Life just seems to get so much brighter when you have some time to yourself to have fun and finally learn what hobbies are again.
  22. Life doesn’t last forever. I might joke about turning everyone I love into vampires, but I know that is not ever going to happen. Cherish the people in your life and enjoy the moments you have. It’s hard, really hard, when someone has to leave this world, but unfortunately it is the way life works. Celebrate their life and keep on. They would want you to enjoy every moment you have on this planet.
  23. Face masks are like magic for the skin. If you want to work on avoiding wrinkles and keep your skin clear, stick to them like glue. Your skin will love you for them.
  24. Make sure to love yourself. Yeah, yeah, I already said you have to take care of yourself. But treating your body with respect and loving yourself is different. Remember that you are QUEEN – you should feel like it. You need to love yourself and trust yourself as much as you would your friends and family. Do this and you’ll find the world is a little brighter.
  25. Dressing up is always a blast. Go to events where you have to dress up and wear that fancy dress that’s been sitting in your closet for years. Or, you know, just dress up whenever you like. There’s no law that prevents you from having a little extra fun with your outfit for the day. 

Onwards to celebrations!



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