May Fitness Challenge 2017

Exercise has never really been my thing. I’ll say that I’m getting into it, stay faithful for a week, and then start cheating with sugar and avoiding the gym until I officially break things up.

“It’s not you,” I say. “It’s me. I just… I’m not right for you.”

Except everyone is right for exercise. It’s a nice lie, at least.

Meagan and I have decided to be troopers and step into a fitness challenge this May – starting today! We don’t really have any specific goals other than we want to be active and get fit. And if I lose a little bit of my belly along the way, I’ll be happy. Exercise is really good for a multitude of reasons outside of gaining muscle: lowering risk of type 2 Diabetes and cancer, improving mental health, and sharper memory are just a few.

There are tons of beauty reasons for why exercise is good for you as well. Preventing wrinkles, helping with complexion, and cleaning up pores (can I get an amen?) are all super good reasons for adding some workout routines into your morning or evenings. I’m really hoping to work on clearing out my skin a bit more, so I’m excited to get all sweaty and soak it all away.

The question going into this is how much exercise is a person supposed to get? Though the recommended amount is 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity (30 minutes five days a week), it really depends on the person and what you are trying to accomplish. Since I have no idea what I want to accomplish, I’m personally going to work on just meeting this recommended total and then increase the time as I get more used to working out.

I have a gym at my apartment complex, but I obviously don’t know how to use gym equipment correctly (not yet, at least). I’ll stick to the gym for the treadmill, leg press, and chest press. However, the rest of my exercise I’ll do in the comfort of my own home watching, yes, YouTube videos.

I haven’t explored the realm of exercise videos too much on YouTube, but I’ll found two channels that I’ve done all my practicing with and they have been murdering my muscles (in a good way, of course). They work. XHIT has some really nice routines and a Victoria Secret Series that is pretty fun. Blogilates has forever been a fave on Instagram, so it’s exciting to get to follow her exercise videos as well. Cassey is really fun in her videos and her exercise routines are just fantastic.

Pilates videos are probably absolutely amazing to find – I took a semester class in college for PE credit (it was required at my community college) and it was so fun. Extremely painful, but fun. Pilates works. If I find any channels I like, I’ll make sure to recommend them in the future.

Until then, keep an eye out on our Instagram and Twitter accounts to find out how we’re doing!

What are your thoughts on exercising, dear readers? Are you an early riser or an evening time type of person? Any particular favorite routines or channels that you’d like to share with us? Feel free to share and comment below!



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