5 Ways to Start the Day With a Little More Sparkle

I don’t know about you, but I just hate mornings. I have a million alarms that progress from a gentle prod at being productive to more aggressive with each snooze I hit.

I usually wait until the last moment to wake up, meaning I don’t have enough time to put on makeup for work and usually skip breakfast. Not the best way to start the morning, but if I get my sleep then I’m okay.

But I’ve started realizing that maybe there are a few things I could do differently in the morning. I’m going to work on changing up my routine with the following in hopes to be more productive, more energized, and just add a bit of sparkle into the day. 


Start the Day with Some Stretches

I’m quite aware that it’s difficult for me to get up early without a bit of motivation – and exercise is not going to motivate me at all. I’ve come to realize that any exercise is going to have to get done in the evenings until I can convince myself to go to bed a little earlier. So, in lieu of morning exercises, I want to start spending about 10 – 15 minutes just stretching and preparing my mind and body for the day.


Eat A Healthy Breakfast


I don’t have to do it before I go to work, but just getting in something healthy and energizing in the morning can be a defining factor in how my day goes. Last month, I spent a week bringing in my own parfaits to work – greek vanilla yogurt with fresh berries on top, drizzled with a bit of honey. I honestly looked forward to breakfast and it made me feel cleaner and healthier from the very start of my day.


Make Your Bed

I know, I know. Who wants to actually make their bed when you are already dragging your feet trying to get ready for the day? But making your bed is supposed to be calming for you. It’s the first productive thing of the day and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Plus, it takes like two minutes tops. I’m definitely going to try adding this into my daily routine. A made bed always puts a smile on my face.


Take 15 Minutes to Inspire Creativity


This great 15 minute routine by John Gannon over at the Muse is something that definitely needs to be added to the morning routine. So often it’s easy to just rush through the morning – wake up, get dressed, go to work. By the time you get back, you may not be motivated enough to try to work on your creative aspirations because you are exhausted from the long day. Taking 15 short minutes every morning sounds perfect – I’ll definitely be working on life goals and book planning during this time.


Stay Off Social Media

This one is hard – I’m part of the generation that is basically glued to their phone and I’m trying to make a second career out of social media. However, keeping in mind that I’ll be on a computer for the rest of the day makes this a little easier to consider doing. If I’m starting this morning routine to inspire mindfulness, healthiness, and happiness – it’ll be good to take some time for myself and keep my eyes away from any screen.


This routine really focuses on starting the day with a peaceful mindset as well as creating positive energies. I’m excited to begin my mornings with a little extra sparkle. I have a feeling that this slow start to the day will make me so much happier than rushing to get dressed and out the door after I’ve hit snooze for the thirtieth time.

What are your morning routines, dear readers? Did you get any inspiration from this post or already have a favorite activity you like to do in the morning? Share and comment below!



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