My Destination Wedding Planning: Booked Venue, Makeup Artist, and Event Planner

I recently spent two weeks in Texas trying to plan as much wedding stuff as I could.  Considering I’ve never planned a wedding before and the last wedding I attended was several years ago that was simply quaint and small, I was definitely in over my head.  

So I had to make a gameplan.  First, the venue took priority over everything else because I needed to set the date. My wedding will take place in August 2017 and we were already a week into April. Time was not on my side.

With the help of my family (thank goodness for their ability to plan awesome shindigs) I spent my entire first day in Texas at South Padre Island touring venues.  Nothing blew me away like the first venue did.  Located on the rooftop of a hotel, it has a gorgeous view of the ocean.  The venue is covered and a nice breeze flows in regularly that helps keep Texas heat at bay.  I did not want a beachside wedding because sand, heat, and awful wind, but I did want a view of the ocean, so this venue is perfect.  IMG_2807

Once I booked the venue and set the date, I looked into hair stylists/makeup artists.  Originally, I wanted long curls, but knowing it’ll be windy on the rooftop, I settled for my hair being up.  As for my makeup, I wanted to go bold with emphasis on my eyes.  I found a stylist who owns her own boutique and therefore has reasonable prices. For $100, I was able to get my eyebrows waxed, my hair done, and my makeup done.  A lot of places I researched asked for $100 just for the hair alone so I was very happy with the price.  I did a trial run to make sure they knew what I wanted and was blown away with the results:

Because this is a destination wedding, my next step was to find an event planner to help coordinate everything.  I found the perfect person with an outstanding eye for detail and is reasonably priced.  The best thing: she does literally everything.  She does the linens, chairs, tables, pipe and draping, the wedding arch, flowers, you name it.  Plus, the day of the wedding she coordinates everything so I don’t have to worry about setup.  The stress had definitely been taken off of me as planning a major event from so far away was proving to be difficult.  But now I can just send her my Pinterest board and I can kick back and focus on the little things like writing my vows and ordering invitations.

Wedding Countdown: 3 months

I’m starting to get nervous.

I’ll see you guys next Wednesday!

With Love,


The Start of Planning My Destination Wedding

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