How to Rock Your Spring Wardrobe: Playsuits + Jumpsuits

So I may not have hit it in last Saturday’s post about all my fave 2017 Spring trends, but you can bet that several of the major fashion brands included jumpsuits in their fashion lines. And when it comes to the spring and summer, you can also bet rompers aren’t too far behind.

I’ve got several playsuits, but my favorite is this cute lace one that I got right before I quit my part-time job at Altar’d State (seriously, that discount was fantastic) in February.


Romper: Altar’d State | Kimono: Altar’d State

The color is fantastic and the legs are so flowy that it almost looks like a dress. The slight peek of skin that shows just above the stomach seems absolutely scandalous to a girl who is used to more modest clothes. Paired with the floral kimono, it screams spring.

Rompers are just perfect for warmer weather (though when did it go away in Texas?) – a great blend of cute and comfy. They’re perfect for a multitude of occasions: concerts, parties, brunch with your girlfriends, or a fun date with your boyfriend.

However, I’m also super happy to be rockin’ my jumpsuits. The below outfit is one of my favorites – the chocolate jumpsuit is from Michael Kors and is definitely a statement piece. With large pockets and a fun, gold belt to match, it has a sleek and chic look to it.

If you want to really stand out, choose a simple but sleek jumpsuit to wear – preferably without print or any designs. Then you can layer on some jewelry – bangles, rings, necklaces, etc. Throw on a pair of cute wedges the speak for themselves and bam! You rule the world (at least, you’ll feel that way).

Jumpsuit: Michael Kors | Wedges: Gianni Bini


Lipstick: Coffee Run by Smashbox

What are your thoughts on playsuits and jumpsuits, dear readers? Yay or nay? Share and comment below!



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