My journey into Korean skin care


20170330_205923I have become obsessed with taking care of my fave. As I began researching ways to help my face (it’s never too early) I stumbled across a rather intimidating skin care routine. This routine is based off the routine of women in Korea (who have amazing ageless skin). What made me unsure was all of the steps full of creams and serums and toner. I wasn’t even sure what toner was. But I decided if I could get skin half as amazing as a kpop artist I would try it.

Step 1 & 2 cleansers


Step one is an oil cleanser, I substitute coconut oil because it is great to skin and has antibacterial properties. There are actual oil based cleansers out there but I don’t want to over clean my face. Step two is a water based cleanser. For this I use my charcoal foaming cleanser on my little face scrubber. These steps leave my face feeling clean and not dry. I do not get that weird stretched feeling like when my face is really dry. It also does not leave the oil on my face.

Step 3 Exfoliate and special cleaners


I have not had to use an exfoliator since I have begun using my face scrubber. But if I do I prefer to use an apricot or green tea scrub. I only use these once a week so I do not scrub my face off (yes this is a real problem. For a while I actually used a scrub everyday and that’s partly why I had huge pores :/ ).¬†Twice a week I use my black head scrubber or my all kill stick by RiRe. I have noticed a huge difference in the blackheads on my nose after using the all kill stick. It looks like a giant glue stick but it’s actually a stick of cleanser with tiny charcoal scrubbers in it that remove dirt. It works wonders.

Step 4 Toner


Before this I had no idea what toner was. Turns out it’s a liquid that helps balance your skin and helps it absorb stuff you put on it. There are so many different ones to address whatever your skin problem is. As I have said mine is oil and large pores. I have been using pore refresher by Etude House with mint. I can feel the refreshing mint as soon as I put it on. I just squirt a little puddle into my hand and then pat onto my face. This helps it absorb and the blood flow in your face.

Step 5 Creams 20170330_210243

Once the toner has sunk in I apply my snail repair cream. Yes yes I’ve heard it all. From EWWWWWWW!! to is it snail cream because it takes so long to work? No. It’s called snail cream because it has snail mucus in it. At first I was a little grossed out. Who wasn’t snails on their face? But when I opened the jar the cream actually smelled decent and was just like any other cream if a little slimier in texture. I love putting this on becuase it makes my face feel soft and nourished. And bonus this cream helps fight wrinkles as I get older.

Step 6 Essence


I use 92% aloe from Nature Repulic to help hydrate my face. It feels cool and refreshing when I put it on. I just goop some on my fingers and spread on my face. It feels a little sticky right after I use it but once it dries I can’t tell that it’s on.

Steps 7 & 8 Hydration and Sunscreen20170330_210314I have combined these steps into one moisturizor instead of applying a sunscreen and then a moisturizor. Actually each step helps in hydration but this is the most obvious one. It is important to get one for your face so there is no greasy feeling.

Step 9 Serums

20170330_210332You can put a serum on before your moisturizor but I use mine last. My serum is a pore closing serum. I spread it on my face lightly after everything else in the hopes that it will allow my porse to absorb all of the goodness before they are closed by the serum.

Step 10 Face Masks

20170330_210403This step encompasses all of the eye and face masks used throughout the week. I usually do these after washing my face and toner but before anything else. But I have read some people do these after every other step. (Next week I will show you how to use a sheet mask ;D) I use eyes masks, sheet masks, my new bubble clay mask (this carbonated charcoal mask is my new love. It feels so weirdly amazing) I have found that these masks make my skin feel refreshed and hydrated and glowing and soft and just down right amazing. My mother used one and the next day people kept complimenting her on her skin.

Well there you have it the whole of my new skin routine. It may look like a lot (it is, try traveling with it all) but it has great effects. I am so close to being able to go makeup free and I can’t wait until I don’t have to use foundation or concealers.

One last secert to skin health; hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


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