Valentine’s Day Special: My Husband’s Proposal

I awoke to my boyfriend, Adam, nudging me.

“Let’s go, I want to get the day started,” he said enthusiastically.  

I opened one eye and checked my phone for the time.  9 AM sharp.  Ugh. I put my pillow on top of my head and thought to myself that he knows I’m not a morning person.  

After much persistence on his part, I begrudgingly got up, put makeup on, and got dressed for the day.  It was just after 10 and Adam was rushing me out the door.  His mother was cleaning her house vigorously and while, naturally, she was a very clean person, this level of cleaning was unusual for her.  

Bells started going off in my head. Specifically: wedding bells.

Adam drove me around the city, stopping at the local coffee bars, restaurants, and shops that we had dates at.  He insisted on taking a picture at all of these places so that we could compare us now to where we were when we went on these dates.  I hate taking pictures, but amused his request anyway.

Around 2 PM, after taking about six different pictures and driving throughout the city, we arrived at a small Italian restaurant where we had celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together. We got out of the car for yet another picture.

He pulled out his camera and asked a couple standing outside of the restaurant if they could take our picture.  I told him we didn’t need to do that, that selfies were just fine, but he insisted that these strangers take our picture.  They were friendly and were more than happy to take our picture.  

Adam kneeled down and beckoned one of their daughters over to him.  I thought, what is he doing? He’s being creepy asking this little girl to approach him, a stranger. But the little girl came to him and handed him a small, brown box.  Oooooooooohhhh.  He turned to me and presented me a diamond ring and I’ll admit, I don’t remember much of his speech because I was so nervous.  But I caught the end of it: “This restaurant is special to us because we celebrated Valentine’s here and I wanted it to become even more special today.  I just have one question for you: Will you marry me?”   

Of course I said yes, and the strangers (who were actually not strangers, but family friends of Adam’s) congratulated us and showed us the video they took of the proposal.  We went inside the restaurant and were met by both of our families there to celebrate the event.  My heart was pounding in my chest and Adam’s face flushed red from all the attention.  As time wore on, we relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the day with our families and with each other.

And of course, I couldn’t help but admire my ring every five seconds.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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