My Go To Lipstick Color

Personally, my go to lipstick color is Witchy by Smashbox.  The dark red compliments my skin tone (I am pale with yellow undertones) which I think is hard finding attractive colors for.  It pairs very well with most makeup looks I do, my favorite being a bold smoky eye.  The only time I leave the lipstick at home is when I do bright colors for my eyeshadow, but even then, I’ll sometimes make exceptions.

In general though, you could never give me a dark red lipstick that was too dark.  I love the boldness of the color and how it personally gives me a sultry look.

What is your go to lipstick color?  You know, that color that looks good with nearly everything you own?  That color whom you’re best friends with because she compliments your features.  Let me know in the comments (so I can enable myself and splurge on more lipstick I don’t need)!

(This post brought to you by Meagan’s Makeup Addiction).

See you next Wednesday!

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