Ways to Get in Those 8 Glasses A Day

Do the pictures on this post make you thirsty? Good! Whether it be 118 degrees outside or -18 degrees outside water is always important. Doctors recommend 8, 8oz glasses a day for multiple benefits.This is easy when it’s warm outside, the heat makes you thirsty. But remember that you sweat it out and have to drink more. When it is cold it is harder to remember to drink as much.


The simplest way to get your 8 glasses is to drink glasses/bottles of water. I recommend a┬áreusable bottle over plastic ones as these are better for the Earth and are toxin free. Isn’t water toxin free you ask. Yes, purified water is but some plastic bottles have been found to contain certain cancer causing elements.


For those of you who do not like the taste of regular water coffee and tea are great ways to stay hydrated. A cup of coffee or tea is the same as drinking a cup of water. Plus both of these drinks have added benefits. A word from the wise though, trying to drink 8, 8oz cups of coffee a day may have downsides like racing hearts, shaky hands, and possibly an exploding heart. So please don’t try to replace every cup of water with coffee.

Another great way to vamp up your water is to add fruit to it. You can add slices of lemons, cucumbers, limes…really anything. It will be like fancy spa water. Even berries are a great add in. There are three simple ways to do this.

1-You can cut up your fruit in advance(most berries are best whole or they get mushy in the water) and just drop them into glasses of water when you drink. Give the fruit a few minutes to steep into the water.

2-You can fill a pitcher/jug with water and add the fruit of your choice. Then let it sit in the fridge overnight to steep. Then just pour glasses as you get thirsty.

3-If you have a pulp filter water bottle you can add cut up fruit into the holder and let the fruit do the flavoring on the go. There are many places to find water bottles like these; Wal-mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, even Target.


For those of you still buried under snow and thinking cold water from the fridge does not sound appealing there is another way. Honey lemon water is just as great as other fruit infused water and is made with warm water. This drink has the same benefits as fruit water with the added points of soothing sore throats and helping your vocal chords. lemon

I make it by adding the juice of a half lemon into a cup. Then pour in hot water until almost full, leaving space for the honey. Then add a generous dollop of honey and stir until mixed. Then find a cozy spot and enjoy.

Hoping you stay hydrated Winter through Summer and back again.


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