Cocktails for Special Occasions or Just Everyday

Hello again and thank you for deciding to join me in the kitchen…or should I say bar. This time it’s one of the best jobs in the kitchen, and possibly the most fun, a bartender. With New Year’s Eve around the corner (and not everyone enjoying the taste of straight alcohol) cocktails just seemed the logical thing to explore.

First things first. You can never go wrong with the basics; rum and coke, vodka and cranberry juice, a screwdriver, or a mimosa. A screwdriver is orange juice with vodka and a mimosa is champagne with fruit or orange juice. A martini is basically gin with a garnish of fruit, olive or onion. To make a fancy “tini” you can add fruit juice to these to make things such as appletinis or graptinis. A vodka and cranberry juice is exactly what it sounds like. You can substitute other juice if you do not like the taste of cranberry. A word from the wise though, even if you love apple juice Do Not! Use it. I thought I had put a foot in my mouth when I did. A rum and coke is just your favorite dark soda (coke, dr.pepper, pepsi) mixed with some rum. Another great rum drink is a daiquiri. You mix rum with fruit juice and crushed ice then garnish with pieces of fruit. The best thing about these is the versatility as you can make a daiquiri with pretty much any fruit. A variation on a daiquiri is a hurricane which is rum, lemon juice, and passion fruit juice. I highly recommend this one. A southern love is ice tea, and what better way to enjoy it then spiked with alcohol (rum, tequila, vodka, whichever you prefer really).

Rum and Coke

If you want to be adventurous and worldly I suggest a soju cocktail. Mix equal parts cranberry juice and lemon lime soda, and then add soju. The mixture should be ½ juice, ½ soda, and 1/3 soju. Another world inspired cocktail is a margarita, or tequila and lime juice. The best way to drink this is with a salted rim. To do this wet the rim of the glass then roll the rim in salt. Then simply add the cocktail. A mojito is another lime juice cocktail. To make a mojito mix mint leaves, club soda, lime juice, rum with a little bit of sugar. Sangria is a cocktail out of Spain that is a mix of red wine with pieces of fruit.

Margarita with a salted rim
Soju (Korean Alcohol)

I have decided to stick with easy recipes that do not require too much shopping or head ache. You can add a lot or a little alcohol to each of these. It all depends on your preference and taste for alcohol. There are too many great cocktails out there to list but I hope you decide to branch out and explore. On a final note I would like to add for the fans of the show Sex and the City, a cosmo is a mixture of vodka, cranberry juice, and lime juice. Whether you are enjoying for a New Year’s Eve party, or just kicking back with a cocktail with the girls, (be it friends, or Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda) please drink responsibly.

Cosmopolitan cocktail drink. DREAMSTIME IMAGE

Thank you for joining me in this post and probably more than a few drinks. I’d like to be the first one to wish you a safe and happy new year.

See you in the new year! Alyssa

(Credit to Foodnetwork, Dreamstime and others for the cocktail pictures)

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