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My Fight Against Strawberry Nose

As much as I love the idea of never aging my oily skin is the bane of my existence at the moment. The oil that will keep me vampire young later on is clogged in my pores right now with dirt and grime. That’s right, […]

How to Know What Eyelid Shape You Have

Once upon a time, I was 19 years old and struggled with winged eyeliner and eyeshadow looks.  I followed tutorials painstakingly but always ended up with a flop.  I didn’t understand how these makeup gurus were creating such lush looks and I was getting nowhere […]

How To Pick Yourself Back Up When You Get Caught in a Slump

Sometimes the one thing that stops us from getting to where we need to be is a lack of motivation. Everything else is there. We’ve evaluated our lives and know what steps need to be taken next. We’ve probably taken the first step or two, but just can’t make ourselves move any further. Self doubt creeps in and our motivation shrinks even more.

There is no way to move from dreaming to doing if we don’t try to get our motivation back.

But I don’t have the motivation to do that, you say. Well, that’s something that I can help out with. Keep reading on to find out just how you can regain your motivation for work or life or whatever has turned lackluster.

Stop trying to do too much. Your body has a limit and running around all of the time can wear it down. Get the rest that you need to recharge and rejuvenate. Make sure that you are giving your brain a chance to relax as well. Decision fatigue is a thing as well and if you spend all day making decisions, you aren’t going to be willing to do much of anything else afterward.

Change your scenery. This can be hard, especially at work where you feel like you’re glued to your desk for all 8 hours of the day that you are there. Take a few minutes to get up and stretch your legs – maybe take a short walk around the building. Maybe spend your Saturday off of work in a part of the city you haven’t spent much time in or just relaxing at a park instead of staying in at home.

Don’t try jumping to new heights right away. While it would be nice to accomplish dreams in a night, it’s not something that’s (usually) possible. Take the steps to make sure that you are reaching your dreams and enjoy each moment as it passes.

Squash negatives energies. Negativity has no place in your life – and you need to know that. If you’re feeling a little down or critical about anything, take a step back and reevaluate it. Look for the positives, even if they are tiny. There is always something good to look at. I’m not biased because I’m an optimist.

Vent to friends. Okay, so maybe you still have some of that negativity in you. You need to get rid of it. Let your close friends know about your worries and talk it out. If you don’t want to talk to your friends about it, then write your thoughts down in a journal. It never helps to keep something bundled up inside!

Practice gratitude. Write down three things everyday that you are grateful for. This has been shown to improve optimism in people. If you have a brighter outlook on life, you’ll be more motivated to work towards those goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Question your fears. Ask yourself how reasonable your fears are. And if they are reasonable, ask yourself how to get around them. Your fears may be protecting you, but by making you hesitant to push forward they are also preventing you from achieving your best you.

Be specific about what you are trying to accomplish. A lack of direction can cause motivation to wane. Make sure that you are keeping SMART goals and that you can see exactly where you want to go. You won’t get anywhere by just deciding that you want change and not making a concrete plan.

Surround yourself with people who support you. I know we all love those days where we just stay in and avoid everyone we know, but being that hermit isn’t always the best for ourselves. If you tend to stick to yourself, you’ll find yourself wallowing in your thoughts and avoiding work just as much as people. Grab your closest friends and family members who will support you and cheer you on.

What things do you do to regain your motivation when it is starting to disappear? Do you have any stories about how you broke out of a slump and made your dreams come true? Let us know in the comments down below!


The Housework Workout

Don’t have time to hit the gym but still want that to work on that summer body? Don’t Worry. Do the housework workout. Sweeping and moping help burn calories and whittle the waist. Carting and loading laundry tones your arms. Scrubbing that shower or last […]

Best Restaurants to Eat at for Valentine’s Day in Wichita, Kansas

Today is Valentine’s Day and for those of you looking to splurge on either your significant other or yourself, here’s a list of my favorite restaurants local to Wichita. Wine Dive When I first found this place online, I was expecting a much fancier store […]

31 Random Acts of Kindness – How to Inspire Kindness

Did you know that February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day? I love the concept – but I think it’s a shame that we need to have a holiday for this when being kind should just be second nature to us all.

This entire week following up to the 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Week, so let’s all band together to do good and put smiles on others faces. Here are 31 random acts of kindness that you can do to help spread joy to those around you.

  1. Compliment someone that you don’t know – it can be on the smallest little detail about them, but they’ll really appreciate the fact that you said something nice to them.
  2. Send flowers to someone you love just because they take up space in your heart.
  3. Find a local charity and donate money toward their cause.
  4. Leave change on a wishing well and give someone a chance to make their own wishes.
  5. Write a hand-written letter to a long distance friend or relative. It’s so nice to get a letter in the mail and they’ll treasure what you’ve written them.
  6. Join in the movement to spread love and write a letter to a stranger to let them know that they are loved and that their life is full of meaning.
  7. Buy the meal of the people behind you in line at the fast-food restaurant that you go through or, if you’re feeling like spending a bit more, of the people in the booth or table behind you at a restaurant. Hopefully they’ll pass it on.
  8. Hold the elevator for someone that you see making their way down the hall (I always do this, because I hate when the elevator shuts just before I get there).
  9. Send a package to troops overseas – they’re serving our nation so it’s only fair that we give back to them.
  10. Leave post it notes on your coworkers desks with words of encouragement.
  11. Donate old clothes and other belongings you no longer want to a local charity or drive.
  12. If you live near your parents, make them a meal to show them how much you appreciate them.
  13. Clean up litter and trash around your workplace.
  14. Give your waiter or waitress a generous tip and make their night!
  15. Call your older or younger siblings to catch up and let them know how much you love them.
  16. Read to children at the library for storytime.
  17. Volunteer with organizations that make the world better day by day (like Austin Pets Alive! or Dress for Success).
  18. Bring in donuts for the office.
  19. Write a love note and hide it in your partner’s lunch box or a book they are reading.
  20. Let someone into your lane. They’re probably in a rush just like you.
  21. Buy a meal for a homeless person.
  22. Help out someone that you don’t like – they still deserve kindness, even if they aren’t your favorite people.
  23. Give shoutouts to your favorite social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  24. Let someone borrow your pen and tell them to keep it when they try to return it.
  25. Smile at strangers when you walk past them on the road or in the hallway.
  26. Keep your bad attitude to yourself and don’t get mad at people when they do something that aggravates you.
  27. Giving a glowing recommendation to someone you know on LinkedIn or to a company that you have done business with.
  28. Let someone take your seat on the bus or other public transportation.
  29. Leave heads up pennies on the sidewalk for other people to find – spread the good luck!
  30. Make soup and a get-well package for someone you know who is sick and at home in bed.
  31. Be kind to yourself and don’t let yourself work too hard. You deserve to get a breath of fresh air from time to time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start this week with a whole bunch of kindness. If I’m not spreading joy, then I’m not doing this thing called life right.

What are some random acts of kindness that you do? Share your stories of when you were kind or when someone was kind to you!


P.S. You’re kind of awesome and I thought you should know that. I’m not just saying it to be kind. It’s true.

Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around the World

Living in the States we all know what comes to mind when I say Valentine’s day. Chocolates, a fat baby with wings, cards of love, and chalky hearts. But like I said that’s just for those of us in the States. What about those around […]

7 Galentine’s Day Ideas to Celebrate Your Besties

Valentine’s is a week away, but we can’t forget about our gal pals!  February 13th is Galentine’s Day, so gather round your girlfriends and spoil each other with one or two (or all!) of the following Galenine’s Day ideas.   1. Take a class together.  […]

8 Instagram Outfits to Inspire You This Valentine’s Day

Ah, February! The joys of love and pink outfits and heart everything. Even if you’re single and not ready to mingle, it’s easy to get into the holiday spirit and have a bit of fun with your outfits this month. And if you’re a little unsure of what you should wear for Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason to be concerned. That’s what we have Pinterest and Instagram for (duh!).

Here are a few of my fave style inspirations for this lovey dovey holiday. Hopefully they’ll inspire you as much as they inspired me!

This gorgeous sweater dress is so casual yet so cute! It’s totes perfect for any Valentine’s Day dates that aren’t at the fanciest restaurant in town.

Red and pink and ruffles ❤️💕 The perfect combo this time of year if you ask me! I have always believed that Valentine’s Day is not a corny Hallmark holiday at all. It’s a time to remember that love is at the center of all good things in this world. It doesn’t have to be for a significant other, it can be for family member, a pet, a friend, a stranger, or most importantly yourself 💗 One of my favorite fictional characters of all time, Carrie Bradshaw, once said “The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous” and it’s a quote that has always stuck with me. I’ve always thought that loving the person you are is the first and most important step to feeling truly happy and complete, and when Valentine’s Day rolls around, there’s no better time to remember that 💕 . . . . . . #nordygirl #charlestonblogger #southernstyle #valentinesday #southerngirl

A post shared by Hilary Rose Elrod 🌹 (@byhilaryrose) on

Hilary is gorgeous as every in this pretty pink and red dress! It’s super cute and flattering and would be a stunning dress to wear for the big day.

Everything about this dress is gorgeous – and it’s something that you can just wear whenever because you want to feel gorgeous in it. Need!

Um, yes a million times to this skirt! It’s totally flowy and gorgeous and perfect.

Not wanting to wear a dress but wanting to look super chic? This top is perf for you. It’s all lacey and delicate and just all around gorgeous.

Honestly, this dress is just flawless. I’m in love with the ruffles and the traditional bright red that just makes this outfit stand out!

This is another casual but super chic look that you can wear all day long. I’d probably even wear that jacket every day.

Dressed to impress – can't wait for my Valentine's Day date with myself!

A post shared by Brittany Ballard (@saphmira) on

Honestly, you can dress up no matter what – I never have an official date and I still get all fancied up and in the Valentine’s Day spirit. It honestly just a reason for me to be a bit more extravagant with my outfit. And you should know by now that I’m never going to complain about dressing up.

I’m still deciding what to wear this year, but I’m excited to share my final outfit! Keep an eye out on my Instagram (@saphmira) to see what I pull together.

Do you have any favorites from the Instagram picks I’ve shared? What are your Valentine’s day plans? Let me know down in the comments below!


P.S. Check out Meagan’s post on some great Valentine’s Day makeup looks that will make everyone stare at you in awe when you walk into the room.

Double Cleanse: Empties

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