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Coloring Books: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Coloring, once a staple of our every day, has fallen by the wayside as we grow. But in recent years it’s been making a resurgence in our adult lives. But why? Isn’t coloring for kids? Aren’t we a bit old for coloring books and crayons? No. […]

Embrace Your Creative Side with a Bullet Journal: Ideas to Get You Started

I’ve recently gotten into planning in order to help me reach my goals.  I’ve seen floating around bullet journals and find the idea behind them intriguing.  While I’m not much of an artist, I’ve compiled a few bullet journal suggestions to help bullet journal newbies […]

10 Bathroom Hacks that Will Change Your Life

Now that we’re all focusing on our resolutions for the year and preparing for a whole new way of life, there are some things that can be done to make our preparation for each day a little easier.

Here are some hacks to transform your bathroom into a cleaner and more organized place to get ready.

  1. Don’t worry about digging your makeup bags out again and again. Organize all of your go-to products onto a magnetic makeup board.
  2. Use a mesh file box (or any file box, really) into an organizer for appliances like your hairdryer and curling wand.
  3. Or, find some cute bookshelves to install on the back of your cabinet door.
  4. Tape on some magnetic strips to the back of your cabinets for easy access to bobby pins and tweezers.
  5. Add a second curtain rod on the inside of your shower to hold small baskets for all of your toiletries.
  6. Use a wine rack to add some class and store towels.
  7. Never run out of toilet paper by using this tree holder.
  8. Don’t spend your money on Drain-O and instead make it yourself.
  9. Make yourself the cutest hand soap dispensers without having to spend more than a few dollars.

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  10. Clean calcium off of your faucets with this DIY cleaner.

Are you ready to transform your bathroom with these life-saving hacks? What are some of your favorite hacks? Please comment down below to let us know!


6 Winter Coats To Add To Your Closet

Somehow a miracle occurred last year, and Texas experienced winter in December and had two days of a light snow (at least, that was the case in Austin). For all you Game of Thrones fans out there, winter has come. And that means officially pulling […]

Crest HD 2-Step Review

If you’re anything like me you spend your mornings mainlining coffee. Then spend your days sipping it like the cool kids. Coffee is an essential part of my diet but unfortunately it is not an essential part of oral health. I take steps to protect […]

65 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas – 2018

With the new year come new ideas.  Here is a list of blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.


1. Tell the story behind your favorite picture that you took.

2. Show us your every day life through a series of pictures.  No words allowed!

3. Cook a dish you’ve never made before (the harder it is to make, the better!) and document how it goes.

4. List your top 5 favorite books and why.

5. Do something out of your comfort zone and document what happens.

6. Tell the story you’ve always wanted to tell, but have been too afraid to.

7. Tell us what inspires you.

8. Write about your lowest point in life and compare it to your highest point.

9. What are you guilty habits?

10. Buy a product you wouldn’t normally use and give your opinion.

11. Make a list post of anything you desire.

12. Show your morning routine.

13. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

14. Do a house tour.

15. Top 5 favorite places to be and why.

16. Your favorite kind of jewelry and what you pair it with.

17. Your dream date.

18. Your dream proposal.

19. The outfit that makes you feel confident compared to the outfit that you feel most comfortable in.

20. Make a cocktail you’ve never made before (if you’re legal!) and tell us how it goes.

21. What could you give a presentation on without any preparation?  Write about it.

22. Document your dreams and interpret them.

23. Share your most embarrassing moment.

24. Share your favorite beauty products.

25. Tell us where you shop for clothes.

26. Do a social experiment and document it.

27. Tell a story using only pictures.

28. Show us what you collect.

29. Top 5 places you want to travel to.

30. What is something you never thought you’d do, but did? Tell us that story.

31. What are you blogging tips?

32. Who are you favorite instagrammers/bloggers/etc.

33. What makes you interesting?

34. Show us your hobby.

35. Make a nostalgia playlist from your childhood/preteen/teenage years.

36. Review a bad movie.

37. Create a color palette of your favorite colors using the world around you.

38. Share something cringe-y you’ve done (A bad poem, an awful hairstyle, etc.) and laugh about it.

39. Favorite nail polish colors.

40. How do you pick out clothes while shopping?

41. What do you miss about being a kid? Compare that to being an adult.

42. What do you think the meaning of life is?

43. Share your best blog posts and why you think they were successful.

44. Write about the goals you have for yourself and how you plan to achieve them.

45. Document your every day life through your pet’s point of view.

46. Narrate your pet’s day.

47. Give your opinion on a controversial subject.

48. Share your blogging routine.

49. Share your evening routine.

50. Start a challenge (fitness, creative, etc.) and document your progress through the month.

51. Share your favorite quotes.

52. Write about a mistake you made that you wouldn’t take back if you could.

53. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in life so far?

54. How do you save money?  What are you saving for, besides an emergency fund?

55. Share your go to recipe.

56. Invent something new.

57. Share social media tips.

58. Why did you start blogging?

59. Share your favorite resources for you hobby.

60. Share your opinion/thoughts on an article you’ve read.

61. Makeover something (your hair, house, a friend) and show us how it turned out.

62. Write an open letter to someone.

63. Find an instagrammer/blogger you like and interview them.

64. Share a short story/poem.

65. Create a list post of lifestyle blog topics.


I hope this list inspires you! Make sure to share your blog posts in the comments below if you choose to write about one of these; I’d love to read them!

I’ll see you next Wednesday!

With love,


Subscription Nation: December Ipsy Glam Bag

Subscription Nation: December Ipsy Glam Bag

Twinkling lights and silver bells – Christmas was so glam and fun and… it’s now over. Excuse me while I cry a bit in the corner and mourn the loss of our holiday celebrations. But even though the holiday season is over, there are still some […]

How to Winter Proof Your Skincare Routine

In honor of the temperature dropping here in Texas I decided to update my skincare research. Different seasons mean different routines. The cold weather of winter treats your skin differently then the hot air of summer. With a few tweaks you can winter proof your […]

New Year, New Goals: How I Plan to Achieve Mine

With the new year comes our inevitable new year’s resolutions should they be small, large, or straying from the norm.  This year mine are to save more money, launch my personal blog, and write more in general.

The problem with new year’s resolutions, in my opinion, is that we wait until the end of the year to decide how we want to better ourselves.  That sets us up for failure as we try to aim for a high goal (ex: I want to lose 150 pounds) or a vague goal (ex: I want to exercise more).  The problem with the high goal is that we want to attain it immediately, when in reality it takes time.  We then get discouraged at the slow progress and give up.  The problem with the broad goal is it doesn’t give us anything tangible to work with.  What exactly is “exercise more?”  How much does that even look like?

So in order to achieve my goals, while I do set up new year’s resolutions, I also set up monthly goals.  Taking my last resolution, “write more in general,” I have a monthly goal to write one short story/creative nonfiction piece each month.  This gives me something tangible to work with and specifies what it means to write more.

To save more money, I have determined how much of my paycheck I should put away each month and will stick to that figure.

And with the goal of launching my own personal blog, I have set a launch date and have given myself a goal as to how many posts I’ll write a week.

All of these goals have monthly steps, making a seemingly impossible goal suddenly achievable.  Going above and beyond, I also keep a planner with my goals written down on the dates they should be achieved.  The only thing I have left to do is to follow through.

I encourage you to set up monthly goals for yourself.  Consider what you want your end result to be, and set up monthly goals or steps to achieve that goal.  This will help prevent giving up on our new years resolutions.  Of course, if you don’t have the discipline to stick with it, you won’t get anywhere either.  Brittany has some great points on how to stick to your new year’s resolutions.

I’ll see you guys on Sunday!

With Love,


5 Common Hangover Cures that Will Get Your New Year Started Off Right

We made it! We’ve found our way to 2018, into another magical year that will have its own ups and downs – but hopefully turn out to be fantastic. And whether you’ve burned away the negative things from 2017 or started writing your new resolutions […]